Throwback Thursday: Texas Tech at Kansas State from 1996

The Big 12 kicked off its existence with an epic rivalry game between Texas Tech and Kansas State in the Little Apple. Never mind that the teams had played all of three times from 1933 to 1996. Spike Dykes took his plucky Red Raiders up to face Wizard Bill Snyder for each team's season opener. 

Bring on the BULLETS!

- Spike Dykes did the post game interview apparently right after a shower. More coaches should do interviews wearing a towel. Les Miles probably air dries so he'd just saunter out stark naked. 

- Oh, the joy of Zebbie Letheridge. The pint sized signal caller should have a statue in Lubbock. A Lubbock native who attended Estacado High, Letheridge won $22 million dollars in a judgement  from a Dillard's Department store after being wrongly accused of shoplifting. That's why I've always been a JC Penny man. 

- Letheridge played quarterback at Tech, then defensive back for the Miami Dolphins and of course the Berlin Thunder. 

- For his career Letheridge completed 48% of his passes, which for the mid-90's was laser like accuracy. In 1995 he led the old SWC in touchdowns. 

- The Red Raiders went 7-5 in 1996 and lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Alamo Bowl. 

- Dykes would end his career winning 82 of 155 games. The running joke is that old Spike would flip a coin and decide to go 6-5 or 5-6 every year. That's not fair. Spike mixed in the occasional seven win season too. 

- Kansas State was in the midst of a revival led by Wizard Bill. The Wildcats went 9-3 in 1996, part of a nine year run that saw the Cats win 9 or more games each season. 

- The Wildcats were part of the first Cotton Bowl without a SWC champion in since 1944. We don't hold Kansas State in any account, we're sure they were just doing what was best for their families. 

Enjoy two videos from the inter web about this August 1996 epic. No one cared to catalogue the entire game. That's so Big 12. One video is from the Tech Perspective. They're a bit bitter. The other from K-State's perspective. It's a polite, midwestern perspective. 

Posted on August 18, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.