Throwback Thursday: The 1975 Astro-Bluebonnett Bowl

Back in the 1970's you could put the term Astro in front of anything and it made whatever it was seem futuristic and modern. Like the Astrodome. The old girl is still standing, ironically next to a cookie cutter NFL stadium that dwarfs the 8th wonder of the world. The Dome hosted the 1975 Bluebonnet Bowl between Texas and Colorado. 

Let's throw out some Astro-Bullets...

- The 1975 Texas Longhorns were the penultimate edition of Darrell Royal's tenure. 

- The Horns went 10-2 in 1975 and finished the season as the 6th best team in the U.S. of A. 6-1 in the SWC. The Horns losses were to OU and A&M.

The Tyler Rose

The Tyler Rose

- The Horns finished in a three way tie atop the league with Arkansas and Texas A&M, Arkansas went to the Cotton Bowl and A&M to the Liberty. 

- Texas were led by the great Earl Campbell and his 5.6 yards a carry. 

- The SWC would place three teams in the top 11 of the AP final poll. 

- Smoking pot was not legal in Colorado in 1975. That's trivia kids. 

- Colorado ended 1975 at 9-3 with losses to Texas and the two juggernauts of the Big 8, Nebraska and OU. 

David Williams

David Williams

- Colorado was led by a real gun slinger for the time period, David Williams. He led college football in completion percentage at 59%, which was an astronomically high percentage for the era and yet only seven touchdown passes. 

- Williams played all season and threw the ball 172 total times. That's slow four game stretch for teams nowadays. 

- Williams was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1976. 

- By comparison Texas' QB Marty Akins threw the ball 56 times total in 1975. Did we mention Texas ran the wishbone?

- We love these old films, promos for the bowl game. We miss them.