3 Keys: How Houston Beats Cincy

Keep Greg Ward Jr. Healthy

We  like Kyle Postma, he's great, he's not Greg Ward Jr. Ward is a game changer and a true dual threat quarterback. Houston is different when he's not in the game. Ward's ability to run and throw forces opponents to play honest and not stack the box. Ward sat out last week with a shoulder surgery, you have that luxury against Lamar, you won't have that luxury against Cincy on the road. 

Get After Hayden Moore

Moore beat out incumbent starter Gunner Kiel out of fall camp and the redshirt freshman has played pretty well early on completing 60% of his passes against Tennessee Martin and Purdue. Neither opponent has the team speed or havoc potential that Todd Orlando's unit brings. The Cougars have created 45 havoc plays through two games and are currently a top 10 team in sacks. Momentum and a fast start on the road are essential the best way to strangle the Bearkat offense is to pressure a young quarterback and make him uncomfortable. 


Establish the Run

The Cougars need to take the game to Cincinnati physically, early and consistently. Establish a run game. Nothing is more demoralizing for a defense that the inability to stop or slow down a rushing attack. It's priority one for every defensive coordinator in America. Well, at least the good ones. Take the game to Cincy early and squeeze the life out of the game. Let's all remember the Oklahoma game, the Sooners were the better team from a talent perspective and the way you demonstrate that is to line up and move people off the ball. But what did OU and Lincoln Riley do? Despite having great success running early and OU's two best players being running backs, Riley abandoned the run, finishing with just 15 rush attempts, with six of those being scrambles by Baker Mayfield. Learn from this. Come out, line up, establish the line of scrimmage and don't stop.  

Posted on September 14, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.