What We Saw: Texas 41 UTEP 7

UTEP went to Austin on Saturday night and fell to the ascending Horns 41-7. Here are few things we saw on Saturday night.

Aaron Jones retains his belt as the most underrated back in the country.

Jones averaged 6.8 yards a carry and had 123 yards overall for the Miners. Another great performance. Jones is special and at some point we hope he gets the acknowledgments and credit he deserves. 

UTEP shot itself in the foot then kept shooting.

Whether it was a false start or a hold or a blown assignment the Miners made too many mistakes to be competitive on the road against a team like Texas. UTEP has to stay in front of the chains, especially with Kavika Johnson at quarterback and the Miners faced far too many 2nd and 3rd and longs. Many of the Miners' problems were self inflicted. 

UTEP's game plan wasn't horrible.

You could see what Sean Kugler and Brent Peace were doing, they just didn't have enough out of the pocket to pull it off. They Miners tried to mitigate the team speed advantage by attacking right through the interior of the offensive line and then slow the rush with screens and underneath routes. They also did everything they could to keep 3rd down manageable. That approach kept them in the game for two quarters. Then the damn broke. 

Kavika is who we thought he was.

Johnson's a nice package player, but he lacks the pocket presence and arm to be an every down quarterback in Brent Peace's offense. His legs are his greatest asset and they came in handy, but there's only so much he can do when his passing isn't a legitimate weapon.

Texas is explosive on offense and defense.

Talent + Youth = An Emerging Power. The Longhorns two-deep is chock full of sophomores and freshman. That's where the talent lies on this team. They'll be a preseason top 5 next season and might even win the Big 12 this year. If Texas can keep Buechele on the field, they can score with anyone. Their defense will get better week to week.  

The Longhorn Network Game Presentation is unwatchable for non-Longhorn fans.

Take everything you hate about ESPN, the promos, the hyperbole, the pandering etc. and double down because the network is geared to promote one team and you've got a three hour informercial for the Texas Longhorns. Look, we're not saying you have to give equal time, that's not in the contract, but at least acknowledge the other team from time to time. Those kids work too hard to be an afterthought. The mute button is your friend.    

Posted on September 14, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.