What We Saw: Arizona State 32 UTSA 28

UTSA was thiiiiiiis close to a Power 5 win over a ranked ASU squad at the Dome on Friday night. Close does not count, we checked.

Here's what we saw...

- Dalton Sturm continues to impress, this time almost single handedly willing the Roadrunners to a win. Sturm was more impressive with his legs than his arm, he had to be. More on that later. After a third quarter benching last week, and playing the entire game last night it's clear that Frank Wilson thinks he's found his guy too. Sturm threw 229 yards and led the Roadrunners with 82 rushing yards.

- UTSA's defense played their guts out. Stymieing the Sun Devils offense and keeping the Roadrunners in the game as the offense went limp in the second half. The Roadrunners eventually gave up some big plays but overall looked solid in making the Sun Devils earn yardage. UTSA's defense also brought a physicality to the game.

-  To put it mildly, UTSA's offensive line is a work in progress. The line couldn't hold back the Sun Devil rush to give Sturm enough time to challenge downfield. This isn't new. UTSA's offense reverted to hoping Sturm could muster some magic in the second half and break a couple tackles before each throw. 

- After taking a 28-12 lead in the third, the last 6 UTSA possessions accounted for only 7:59 of gameclock, that's 1:19 per possession and gained a grand total of 21 yards or 3.5 per possession. That's not exactly how you work clock. Worse, the UTSA defense received no rest and was on the field almost the entire third and fourth quarters. In the midst of UTSA's offensive struggles, ASU held the ball for over 15 minutes, gained 212 yards and scored 20 unanswered points.

Posted on September 18, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.