Tren'Davian Dickson No Longer at Houston

Various media outlets are reporting that Tren'Davian Dickson is leaving Houston. Dickson was a late enrollee after committing to Baylor during the 2015 recruiting period and enrolled early. After the sexual assault scandal at Baylor, Dickson, sought his release from scholarship. The Bears ultimately released Dickson from his scholarship and he enrolled at Houston.

The Cougars appealed to the NCAA for a waiver to allow Dickson to compete this year. That's left Dickson in limbo for the 2016 season. Dickson was a four star recruit out of Navasota and huge pickup for Baylor and then of course Houston. 

Houston, Texas, and A&M were all thought to be in the running for Dickson's services. Maybe he makes an appearance there. We hope it's just a fit issue and not something more serious. Here's hoping Dickson is on the field soon. Somewhere. 

Posted on September 21, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.