Power 5 Preview: Week Four

Who do the Power 5 Texas school's play this week? Let us tell you. 

Texas Tech vs Kansas (Thursday, 9/29)

This game opened up with Texas Tech as a 1-point favorite. If I was a betting man, or even knew how that worked, I would bet my house on that game. Vegas must have been tied up in wooing the Raiders, because that is ridiculous.

This week, David Beatty said during this bye week that his team was trending up. That's great, and we really like him, but they are Kansas. Their kryptonite is Tech's (and everyone's) strength. This is going to be a one-sided shoot out. Not sure Kansas can keep up. Kansas will score, but not nearly enough. As much as we want to like Cozart as well, long gone are the days of Mangino.

On the other side of the ball, Mahomes is a beast of a man. The guy can flat out play. His only issue is that his defense can't keep up with him. This is going to hurt them when they play Baylor, TCU, OSU, and OU, but against the Jayhawks, this won't be an issue.

Baylor at Iowa State

Iowa State has a brand new coach who did not have a good start to the year. Losing their first three games, it looked like it was going to be a rough year. But the Cyclones came to play last week against San Jose State. Yes, it was San Jose State, but they looked good. Their 2 QB system threw for over 300 yards and they had a 100+ yard rusher. So....., is this a trap game for Baylor.

Thought maybe we would throw that out there, huh. Not a chance. Baylor is ranked way too high. They have problems on both sides of the ball, but their biggest problem is on the sidelines. Their coaches clearly don't have control over their teams. Their head coach is often confused which team he is coaching. That being said, it is still Baylor. If Iowa State wants any chance, they need to capitalize off of the emotional game last week and run it up the middle all game.

Oklahoma State at Texas

The issue with both of these teams is that no one has any idea who they are. On paper, Texas will win this game. They beat ND at home, but then couldn't finish against Cal in a tough game. OSU couldn't beat Central Michigan, but beat a decent Pitt team, and all things right, should have probably beat Baylor. 

Honestly, these teams are pretty similar. They are underwhelming and will win some big games. But then lose the games they shouldn't. The best thing that could have happened was Texas starting Buechele. He is young. He is going to make mistakes. But the kid can flat out play. He can take a beat down and get right back up. He will be the difference maker in this game.

OSU coaches will lose this game for them. They aren't able to get out of their own way and let their team play. Unlike Charlie Strong, Gundy won't get out of his own head. This is why the Longhorns are slowly making their climb back to the top.

Texas A&M vs South Carolina

Not a whole lot to preview here. Muschamp is a cancer to any program he goes to, but the SEC doesn't seem to notice that yet. Until they do, all other teams should take advantage of it. This will be a similar game to last time, except the Aggies are good this year. They have discipline. They have a QB who won't let the pressure get to him.

Unless Myles Garrett stays hurt, not sure the Gamecocks will be able to do much against that thought Aggie defense.

On a side note, South Carolina got beat by Kentucky and Mississippi State. If you don't know what that means, just do a google search for 'are Kentucky and Mississippi State' good this year?


This is going to be a huge test for OU. Not like a season defining test, more like a program defining test. The Sooner went out and played two top ten teams this year and proved they couldn't hang with them. Mike Stoops is a loose cannon who is all over the place, except for in the right frame of mind for coaching his position players. If OU loses this game, there may be a Braums in Guthrie, Oklahoma saving two seats for Stoops and Miles to relive the old, old days.

For TCU, is there a way Kenny Trill can stay at home and Kenny Hill will play. Gary Patterson may be one of the best coaches in the conference and this game could prove that. OU is down, and Gary knows how to exploit those weaknesses. The TCU defense needs to stand up and continue to rush Baker. Mayfield isn't what he was last year, teams can read him. Coaches know how to defend him. Does Gary?

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