Texas State's Schedule Makes Them Tough to Gauge

Texas State's season is finally rolling with the Bobcats going 1-2 with a bye week thrown into the mix. The Bobcat's have played one of the tougher two game stretches in the FBS, especially for a Sun Belt team, with a trip to then #24 ranked Arkansas and a home state with #6 Houston. 

The results were predictably disastrous. Arkansas outgained the Bobcats 467 to 105 and beat the Bobcats 42-3. Last week in front of the largest crowd in Texas State history the Cougars ran over the Bobcats 64-3. Those two games really killed the buzz from Texas State's week one win over Ohio on the road. 

If water always finds its level then so do statistics. At some point the stats for Texas State will do the same, but right now they're pretty skewed due to difficulty of schedule. After week one Tyler Jones was among the NCAA leaders in attempts and yards and even completion percentage. Arkansas and Houston have laid waste to his and the rest of the Bobcat's numbers. Jones threw for 418 yards against Ohio. Since then he's thrown for a total of 185. Texas State's defense is allowing 53.5 points a game. The offense is scoring 20.7, only six points have come in the past two weeks. 

According to SBNation's Football Study Hall and Football Outsiders, the Bobcats are the worst team in the FBS. Even with a nice performance against Southland member Incarnate Word, we still won't know how good Texas State can be or how bad it can get.

But it's not all doom and gloom in San Maverlous. We think Jones will thrive in Everett Withers' offense. We think that offense will be a problem for the Sun Belt moving forward. At this point we just don't know. Is the defense this bad? Like Texas Tech bad? We have no idea.

We do know this, Everett Withers is a hard ass. He's culling out the dead weight and he'll find 11 guys who can play, one way or the other. At halftime of the Bobcat's loss to Houston Withers noticed player checking their hair and headbands, it was enough to set him off; "When stuff like that gets in your veins and you're not playing at a championship level, it's hard to damn flush it out." 

Coach Withers continues to get us fired up for the future at Texas State. Keep flushing coach. 

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Posted on September 28, 2016 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.