Patrick Mahomes is Heading to the NFL

Patrick Mahomes made it official today that he's heading to the NFL, announcing at a press conference in Lubbock this morning. Mahomes signed with Super Agent Leigh Steinberg to make it all official. 

Mahomes became one of just three quarterbacks in NCAA history to post multiple 5,000 yard total offense seasons, with Case Keenum and Graham Harrell being the other two. More than that, Mahomes demonstrated the ability to make incredible throws off balance, on the run, side arm, under pressure etc. You put Mahomes in a pinch, chances are he can make the throw. 

It should be noted that in spite of his incredible productivity, Texas Tech was unable to translate his abilities into wins. During his three years, when Mahomes started the Red Raiders were 13-16 with one bowl appearance. 

Posted on January 3, 2017 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Texas Tech.