A Brief History of Texas 0-for's

Lots of teams have a winning season, we're now at a place where mediocrity gets you to a bowl game, rarely your favorite team might go undefeated, but now and then, a team is so bad or cursed that they drop an 0-for biscuit. With Baylor and UTEP sniffing around that un-rarified air, we thought we'd take a look at what it takes to lose it all, the 0-for seasons for your Roundup squads. 

Baylor last went defeated in 1969 when opponents outscored Bill Beall's team by an average of 34-8. LSU beat Baylor 63-8 back in '69. Beall was a former LSU assistant; his former employer didn't take it easy on him. Baylor hadn't allowed 63 or more points since 1913. Baylor's only other no-win season was 1918 when the Bears finished 0-6. We wonder if Bill Beall had to explain to people upon meeting them that he wasn't repeating his first name? Something to ponder. 

 Happier Times for Dana Dimel. 

Happier Times for Dana Dimel. 

Your Houston Cougars finished 0-11 under Dana Dimel in 2001, their only no-win campaign. Houston lost to Cincinnati 29-28 at home in their best shot to get in the win column. 

North Texas has never suffered a winless season, well unless you counted the 1913 season when they lost the one game they played. They've ridden the ragged edge a few times, winning one game three times. 

The Rice Owls have three no-win seasons to their credit the most recent coming in 1988. The Owls lost 11 games in 1982, part of a three-year run where the Owls won just twice. Rice has pulled off eight, one win seasons. How disappointing it must be to get on the precipice of complete futility only to end up just awful. 

 Hard explaining 2003 Phil. 

Hard explaining 2003 Phil. 

The SMU Mustangs might have the most one win seasons in NCAA history. They've ended up winless twice, once in their first season 1916 and then again in 1960 and finally in 2003. Phil Bennett's 2003 team was a hard-luck bunch, losing four games by seven points or less. That 1960 team never scored more than seven points in any game and tied Texas A&M in a donnybrook 0-0. Rice beat up on SMU 47-0 that season. Nine times the Mustangs have mustered just one win.

Texas has never suffered a 0 win season. Probably need to at this point, they build character. The 1938 team came closest, going 1-8. We assume the 1938 Longhorn Network would've crammed plenty of the 2005 Horn squad into their programming schedule. 

Texas A&M went 0-for in 1948, probably blame that on a war or something. The '48 Aggies tied Texas in the last game of the season. The Longhorns went on to win the Orange Bowl, but that tie to A&M must've stuck in their craw, wherever a craw is. We assume near the groin. 

You could make the argument that TCU suffered the worst era of SWC football from around 1960 to 1984. The Frogs routinely stunk. They lost every game in 1976 and way back in 1903. TCU's quarterback in 1976 Jimmy Dan Elzner threw five touchdown passes and nineteen interceptions. He also ran for negative 112 yards.

From 1909 to 1918 Texas State played seven games over the course of five seasons and lost all of them, so technically Texas State had five winless seasons, but we won't count that era. Texas State lost every game in 1938; we have to score that. 

Shockingly, Texas Tech has never had a losing season. Good for them. They lost one game twice, in 1962 and 1981.  

UTEP has two winless seasons. The 1973 Winless Miners weren't exactly defensive. Utah scored 82 on the Miners, Colorado State popped 'em for 76, BYU scored 63, hell even Idaho put 62 on UTEP. To say they were a rusty screen door of defense is offensive to rusty screen doors. Teams averaged 50 points a game, bear in mind this was 1973. That kind of offensive output was almost unAmerican. We have to mention the Utah game, the Utes outgained UTEP 543 to 119 and Utah received five interceptions and three fumbles as gifts. The stat sheet is amazing. I want to frame it. 

Finally, UTSA hasn't been winless in their brief history. Someday Roadrunners, you can feel real apathy.  

If Baylor and UTEP can keep things in the current state of dysfunction, they can etch their names among the pantheon mentioned above of teams that had the guts and the talent level to lose them all. Every damn one.