Week 7 Power Rankings

Week Seven and we're seeing some separation between the good (TCU) the ok (almost everyone else) and the awful (you know who you are). Anyone asking about our methodology we focus most of our time on grabbing blindly out of a back, then once we're done with the Cheetos, we rank'em with our guts and just south of there. 


1. TCU

The Frogs are running away with this thing, and yet the National media wants to put Ohio State and Clemson ahead of TCU. Great, lets just pencil in all the playoff teams ahead of a party crasher. 

2. Texas A&M

Well, we don't believe it, but A&M keeps acting like a good football team. Kevin Sumlin might even parlay this into a better job. 


3. Texas Tech

The Red Raiders were a half away from winning in Morgantown, but couldn't close out the Mountaineers. 


4. Texas

The Horns may have found their quarterback and then ignored his concussion and let him re-enter the game. But they were trying to win, right? So that makes it ok.


5. Houston

Tulsa? Wow. No, seriously, Tulsa? 


6. SMU

The Mustangs need a win at Cincy or all the good vibes through the first half of the season is wasted. 


7. North Texas

98 yards in a minute and seven seconds. Mason Fine will have a statue outside Apogee before it's all over. 



The Roadrunners can't build a time machine, and they can't let North Texas beat'em twice. 


9. Baylor

It's homecoming week in Waco, given the stench coming from Baylor's football team, don't expect a lot of people to come home. 


10. Rice

The Owls come off a bye week and have to hope they learned enough in a bye week to fix some of their problems. They've got a lot of problems. 


11. UTEP

UTEP's defense is making strides, but their offense couldn't score at a bowling alley with the lane bumpers up.

Texas State.png

12. Texas State

The Bobcats limp into a bye week looking for a conference win. The good news is Texas State may have the makings of a quarterback. 

The Roundup...

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