Throwback Thursday: 1989 Baylor at Texas

From back in glorious 1989, the Baylor Bear and the Texas Longhorns in Austin. The Bears extract some revenge for four decades of misery vs. the Horns. 

Let's get right to the Bullets!

  • Baylor hadn't beaten Texas in Austin since 1951. 
  • The '89 Bears might be the best Baylor defense ever. Baylor finished the 1989 season ranked 11th in total defense. The offense, well, there's a reason you go 5-6. 
  • The Baylor/Texas series dates to 1901, the 50-7 win is still the largest margin of victory by the Bears over the Horns. 
  • Baylor safety Robert Blackmon intercepted three passes against Texas and could have had a fourth. 
  • Baylor led 43-0 in the fourth before Texas broke the saran wrap on the end zone. 
  • The win over Texas snapped a two-game Baylor losing streak, including a loss to Rice who beat the Bears 6-3. 
  • David McWilliams' Texas team was a year away from their epic "Shock the Nation" season in 1990. 
  • That year the Horns won the SWC, lost one game in the regular season before Miami blew them out of Dallas in the 1991 Cotton Bowl. 
  • The 1989 Horns upset #15 Oklahoma and #7 Arkansas in back to back weeks, but lost their next two to erase any momentum. 
  • Arkansas won the SWC in 1989, edging out A&M and an ineligible Houston team. 

Enjoy the Bears and Horns from Memorial Stadium, on astroturf and everything. 

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