SMU To Install New Shiny Lockers

Look kids, shiny stuff! 

SMU is upgrading their locker rooms with new, shiny lockers, similar to those that went into Texas' new locker room. SMU's don't have the LED displays so they probably don't run a cool $8,700 per locker like Texas' did, but you can bet they're pricey. 

From the looks of things the new lockers they have a vent system to get the stink out, a key pad protected locker for cash and what not and they're chromed out, shiny. The 17 year olds love the shiny. Here's a full length look. The shoulder pads go into the upper compartment behind the picture display. 


The Mustangs will install the lockers at the conclusion of the season, just in time for on-campus visits. 

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Posted on October 3, 2017 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, SMU.