UTSA Player Three Others Indicted for Brawl

Noah Frillou

Noah Frillou

Authorities indicted UTSA freshman Morris Joseph Jr. and three other former West Orange-Stark teammates for participating in a spring break beach brawl last March. The indictments, returned by a Galveston County grand jury last week, alleging that the four men each caused "serious bodily injury to Noah Frillou by striking or hitting or kicking Noah Frillou with the hand or foot." 

All four individuals, Joseph Jr. 19, Deionte Thompson, 20, Rufus Joseph, 19, and Daletredricc Wolfford, 21, each face a second-degree felony charge of aggravated assault, causing serious bodily injury. According to the affidavit, Morris swung first, and after hearing a racial epitaph, "lost it" on Frillou. Frillou, 18, of Orange, was hospitalized after the brawl. Four permanent plates were put in his face, and his jaw was wired shut. 

"The incident started as a large fight began to erupt on the beach; a fight between two groups that my son was not a party to, and as he was attempting to move himself and a young lady away," According to Frillou's mother Kim Smalley. "He allegedly got too close and was mistaken as a party. This was when he was blindsided by a sucker punch to the face as his back was turned. As he lay defenseless, others joined and he was kicked, and possibly hit, in the face. The beating resulted in substantial injuries. In addition to a concussion, every bone in his face above the mandible is either broken or fractured."

Thompson is a current student-athlete on Alabama's football team. Joseph is a freshman defensive lineman for the Roadrunners. 

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