Planning Your Football Holiday

Welcome to Thanksgiving week. Three solid days of college football, overeating, drunkenness, and stretchy pants. 

The good news is Black Friday is coming, meaning you can hand your wife and kids your over-drafted credit card and send them on their way. You've got the football to watch. 

All times Texas. 


Baylor at TCU 11 a.m. FS1

HOLY SHIT, HOLY WAR! The Baptists and the Christians square off once again in their ageless battle for the hearts of men.

We just need TCU to get healthy for the Big 12 title game. One, they have a chance to wipe that shit eating grin of Baker Mayfield's face and two, they can plunge the Big 12 into chaos, otherwise known as its normal state. 

Navy at Houston 11 a.m. ESPN

Houston can be one of the best teams in the state when they're interested. When they're not, they remind us of a high school-aged girl, constantly on her phone, not paying attention, missing tackles, all the stuff high school girls do. 

Texas State at Troy 3:00 WatchESPN

The Damian Williams Era at Texas State ends on Friday. We'll always remember the good times. We'll need someone to remind us what they were, but then, once our recollection is refreshed, we'll think of them fondly or in some appropriate manner. 

Texas Tech at Texas 7:00 Fox

The Kliff Kingsbury era most likely ends on Friday in Austin. Kliff's not on the flight manifest back to Lubbock. Maybe the Goin' Band from Raider Land could dedicate their halftime performance to the Kingsbury era with an epic medley of "It's Raining Men," "It's so Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday," and "End of the Road."

The collective exhale you heard on Saturday was the Texas administration and fan base expressing relief in Tom Herman's squad qualifying for a bowls game on 


Tulane at SMU 11:00 a.m. CBSSN

Chances are this is the last game for Chad Morris at SMU. He claims he's packing up his office to swap out the carpeting, but we think there's more to the story. 

It’s weird that he asked his AD to trade in his loaner car for a U-haul van, but he’s probably just taking Turkeys to the needy kids in Highland Park. 

North Texas at Rice 12:00 WatchESPN

God Bless you, David Bailiff. Someday someone will respect the job you did at Rice. I mean, your record isn't great, but you managed to hang around, and that's a life skill more young people need to learn. 

Don't expect the Mean Green to overlook Rice. Hulk Littrell won't allow that to happen. Hulk Littrell must smash smart kids, smash them good!

UTEP at UAB 12:00

What a journey UTEP, your 2017 season makes the Donner party look like a smashing success. 

We'll miss you Mike Price, so will the girls at Dreams Cabaret. 

Texas A&M at LSU 7:00 SEC

News broke today that the Ags are firing Kevin Sumlin after the game. That's how you handle a firing folks, give the gamblers one last gift and rip the teams heart out before they travel into one of the most hostile environments in college football. This should go well. 

UTSA at Louisiana Tech 7:00 ESPNU

UTSA scores less than the alternate to your high school debate team.

Last year Louisiana Tech was accused of running the score up on the Roadrunners. This year anything over ten points is considered runnning up the score on Frank Wilson's squad. 

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