UTSA OC Frank Scelfo is Relieved of Duties

UTSA's offensive struggles down the stretch were evident, and today, 24 hours after the most frustrating offensive outing of the season, Frank Wilson asked offensive coordinator Frank Scelfo to step down. 

Scelfo's offenses, pro-style and multiple, were critical to UTSA success last season and had their moments early in 2017, but in the last month the Roadrunners failed to move the ball consistently and couldn't break the goal line. 

Give Scelfo credit for taking Dalton Sturm to unprecedented heights and efficiency, but with so many seniors back the Roadrunner offense left a lot of meat on the bone this season. Far too often the UTSA defense put in solid performances, only to have the offense fail to hold up their end of the bargain. In a lot of ways, UTSA's ball-control offense helped the Roadrunner defense, but against Louisiana Tech, Marshall, and UAB, the Roadrunners failed to develop a consistent rhythm.

Rare is the offensive coach who can implement a pro-style attack at the collegiate level due to the time constraints and the nature of the college game which tends to feature more wide open offenses and require some ability to keep up. When Scelfo's scheme worked, the Roadrunners were able to create splash plays and utilize bully ball to keep opponents guessing. When the offense wasn't working, productivity reverted to whether Sturm could manufacture something amazing. 

Don't expect Wilson to go too far away from the scheme, but look for him to bring in an offensive coordinator more used to the college game and more ready to use pace along with a conventional package. Wilson wants to build a physical offensive unit. Whoever comes in will be breaking in a new quarterback, and new skill talent as Sturm, receivers Josh Stewart, Kerry Thomas Jr., Brady Jones and Shaq Williams are all graduating. The Roadrunners will also be rebooting up front with four of five preseason starters gone. 

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