Week 13 Power Rankings

Our Week 13 Power Ranking is here, and this time, with the news that Arby's has acquired Buffalo Wild Wings, we do so based on the Arby's menu. What's your favorite Arby's menu item? File that in your back pocket and keep it to yourself. 

The Cherry Turnover

The greatest fast food dessert item in history. No one is coming for that crown. Yes, I see you McDonald's Apple Pie. Mix in some frosting if you'd like to step at the champ. 

The Frogs won the Holy War by smiting the Bears. It got chippy as both teams received personal foul warnings on all players. That's how you stage a private, Christian school throw down. 

TCU now has a chance to ruin Oklahoma's season and who wouldn't want to see that. 


A classic, it doesn't get any better than this. If Arby's does anything well, it's the roast beef. Add in the cheddar sauce that I'd gladly swim laps in, and you've got something. 

The Mean Green have a shot at a ten win season by beating FAU in the CUSA title game Saturday. They can also wipe that silly grin right off Lane Kiffin's face. 

The Cougars beat their old nemesis, Navy on Saturday. Now the seven-win Coogs await a bowl bid. 

SMU beat Tulane, kind of, on Saturday to get to seven wins and end a three-game skid. Now they just have to hold onto Chad Morris in the coming weeks. 

Roast Beef Gyro

Decent, but remember Arby's you're not a greek restaurant. Everyone thinks they can do a gyro, hell has the Greeks in the world think they can slop together a gyro, but you can't. It takes a technician to pull off this greek goodness. 

Remember all the bad things we said about Kliff? We take them all back. If beating Texas saves your job then D.J. Durkin should have a lifetime contract at Maryland. 

The Horns fell to Tech, we don't know how good Texas is, but we know this, Tim Beck's Ohio State play calling issues made the trip to Texas. 

A&M loss to LSU and fired Kevin Sumlin. One of those two is a tradition by now. The Aggies are going after Jimbo Fisher which means the Seminoles are about to sign ol' Jimbo to a nice contract extension and pay bump. 

UTSA's offense is about as deadly as a nerf bullet. The Roadrunners are 6-5 and qualify for a bowl game for the second year in a row, but the feeling in UTSA is radically different from last year to now. 

The Pork Belly Sandwich

Pork Belly is a delicacy that is best crafted by a kindly grandmother who expertly keeps her cigaret ash from falling into the pork belly pan, not a chain of restaurants with a bowler hat logo.  

The Bears death walk through 2017 is done. Matt Rhule needs a break in the worst way. 

Bye bye, David Bailiff, sweet prince, you deserved so much better, but finishing 1-11 gets you walking papers. 

The Pizza Slider

Dear God why. The Pizza Slider was dreamed up by some marketing guy who is now working at a Valero station, we hope. You know the best way to serve pizza? As pizza. 

Friday marked the first time Texas State looked disinterested in playing football. That's a huge improvement over last year when the 'Cats looks disinterested from mid-September on. 

0-12. New AD hired. A new coach is coming. Better days must be on the horizon for the Miners. 

The Roundup...