Gear Head: Texas State's New Homecoming Helmets

Texas Stae debuted new helmets on Friday in advance of their homecoming game this weekend, and they sure are purty!

These should go full-time if anyone ever uses full-time helmets anymore. These are both modern and throwback-ish if that's possible. I guess that makes them hipster helmets. On second thought get that out of your mind lest it ruins your perception of these beauties. 

Without any further ado, here we go. 

Homecoming 3.jpg

Oh my! Lookie there! White helmet, maroon facemask, that's nice. But man, those stripes, we love those stripes. The Gold is perfect and the maroon accents forming a classic Northwestern stripe is sharp. Here's a better look:

Homecoming Helmet 2.jpg

Dang! That's nice. The nameplate pops as well if Texas State's used that before we've never noticed that before, but it's awesome.

Helmet striping can add so much to an overall look. In the late 90's college football seemed to go on a crusade to eliminate helmet stripes. It was a witch hunt for unicorns, and the cost was high. Then shoe companies started making jerseys that were too technologically advanced to have stripes. It's the dumbing down of uniforms, and we suspect the reason 92% of high school seniors can't tell you who won the Civil War. 

One last look, contain your emotions:

Homecoming Helmet.jpg

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Posted on November 3, 2017 and filed under Texas State.