Pete Golding Heading to Bama

It was bound to happen, Pete Golding, UTSA's defensive coordinator, is heading to join Emperor Saban's staff at Alabama. 

Golding oversaw a dramatic improvement in San Antonio, improving the Roadrunner D from 101st in the FBS in total defense to 55th last season to 8th this year. Golding's defense was known for its powerful defensive front and ability to pressure with fewer numbers. Golding also helped the development of Marcus Davenport, who looks like he's built for Sundays. Or destroying Tokyo. 

No word on where Golding will coach at Alabama. Saban is just snatching up FBS coaches and placing them in an offsite hotel until he needs them apparently. 

We'll watch where Frank Wilson moves next at defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator after Wilson let Frank Scelfo go after the season. 

The Roundup...

Posted on December 15, 2017 and filed under UTSA, Southwest Round-Up.