Tuesday Playcard

Kim Mulkey sounds of Baylor's Rape Scandal

Kim Mulkey won her 7th straight Big 12 title on Saturday night and took the opportunity to address the adoring crowd in Waco and weighed in on the sexual assault scandal. It went about as well as every other response Baylor has had to the sexual assault scandal. “If somebody is around you and they ever say ‘I will never send my daughter to Baylor,’ you knock them right in the face."

She's spent the last two days walking those comments back, including in her post game presser and now in another presser. She sure seemed confident in her comments at the time, but the national uproar forced her to retreat and with good reason. Let's not forget that Baylor spent the better part of a  year essentially covering for their former AD and football coach who we now know were complicit in covering up sexual assaults and other criminal activity by football players. Mulkey's response is just another tone deaf response that was out of place given the accomplishment that her basketball team just achieved. 

The Hippogriff Series is extended

Behold the Hippogriff Trophy!

SMU and North Texas extended their football series to 2021 and good for them. The Mustangs and Mean Green are building a rivalry and they've realized that the proximity of the two schools makes sense. For the Roundup that's not the biggest news to come out of the announcement.

The announcement means we've got a few more years to implement the Hippogriff trophy into the rivalry. Yes, we've designed a trophy to commemorate the series, the Hippogriff Trophy.

We came up with this home run two years ago and yet still no one cares.

A mythical beast on a trophy, half horse, half eagle and we can't gain any traction? Nebraska and Minnesota have a broken chair that was invented on the inter web and we can get a phone call on a winged horse? Damn Millennials. 

Kansas State is talking S

Kansas State is putting out state championship t-shirts to commemorate their 2016 season that included wins over TCU, Texas, Baylor, Texas Tech, and Texas A&M. Good on you Kansas State. We feel burned. 

The Wildcats took advantage of a historically bad year for Texas FBS football. But regardless, full credit for the t-shirt. 

Next year get some balls and schedule DeSoto, then come talk to us. 

Major Applewhite's Contract is Interesting

Details of Major Applewhite's contract at Houston are out and apparently Major really wanted that job and Houston really, really wanted to make sure he didn't jump ship. 

If Applewhite were to leave for another job he would owe $1.5 million – which includes base salary and non-salary compensation – for every year left on the deal. He would also owe at least an additional $620,000, which represents 50 percent of the remaining values of contracts for any member of his staff that currenlty has a multiyear deal. So he or his new employer would be paying his buy-out and the buy-outs for his coordinators as well. 

For instance, Applewhite's buyout if he leaves after the first season is $6 million. That structure isn't unusual, Florida State's Jimbo Fisher has a similar compensation buyout should he leave. Then again Jimbo won a national title. On the other end of the spectrum, Nick Saban can leave free and clear whenever he wants to. 

There's an interesting provision in the Applewhite contract, the buyout increases 50 percent if Applewhite takes a job at a Texas school. Conceivably, Applewhite would owe $9 million plus assistant buyouts if he were to leave for an in-state job after 2017. This would appear to be the "University of Texas" provision, Applewhite's alma mater. However, given the Bev Kearney suit and Texas' already dipping into the Houston it's unlikely that Applewhite would be a contender for that job .

Maybe this is how G5s keep good coaches around and maintain the ability to pay for the next guy, through extensive buyout provisions. Good on Houston for trying to stop the springboard from 3rd Ward. 

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