Thursday Playcard

SMU AddS Texas Assistant

Former Texas assistant and Gilmer head coach Jeff Traylor is headed to SMU and taking on the role of Associate Head Coach. Traylor coached tight ends at Texas under Charlie Strong, remember all those great Texas tight ends? Yep, me neither. His real value is that he is a GREAT asset in the recruiting arena. East Texas coaches love Traylor and rewarded that love by sending great talent to Austin. 

The Big 12 Goes After Baylor

The Big 12 is fed up with all the program sanctioned criminal activity at Baylor and they are taking a stand. Sort of. 

The conference's board of directors voted to withhold a quarter of Baylor's future revenue "pending the outcome of third-party verification review of required changes to Baylor's athletics procedures and to institutional governance of its intercollegiate athletics programs, among other matters."

That seems to indicate that if Baylor proves itself worthy, according to a third-party, they'll get all their money. Crime does in fact pay. 

Some among the twitter-sphere were wondering aloud if Baylor might receive the "Death Penalty" and or get kicked out of the Big 12. No, no and no. Chances are Baylor gets all their money and the Big 12 moves along to other things briskly. 

Texas Tech Hires former LSU Assistant 

Texas Tech has replaced DeShaun Foster who left for UCLA with former LSU running back coach Jabbar Juluke. Juluke was demoted from Ed Orgeron's staff shortly after signing day, a practice that sucks for recruits, but no one gives a damn so whatever. Juluke is now the focal point of a controversy in the high school ranks in New Orleans, which brings us to...

Ed Orgeron has done pissed off New Orleans high school coaches

As referenced above, Grape Ape himself, coach O ruffled feathers after demoting Jabbar Juluke shortly after signing day. The feathers that are ruffled are among high school coaches in New Orleans. See Juluke is a former high school coach in the city, having coached there until 2012 before heading to Louisiana Tech, then LSU under Les Miles. 

Feathers are so ruffled that New Orleans area high school coaches are considering boycotting LSU, depriving the Tigers of inside access to a prime recruiting ground. Orgeron is in full damage control mode, trying to "make it right" with local high school coaches. Good luck with that coach. In the mean time Frank Wilson and other college coaches are thrilled that this may open up the city for poaching top ranked players. 

Posted on February 9, 2017 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.