Gear Head: UTEP's Best Look

Gear Head is starting up a new series that all AD's, assistant AD's, designers, shoe companies, and athletes around the nation will want to take note of, we're picking the best uniform for each of our beloved Round-Up schools. Maybe a few others. We don't know. We've got a pretty full Saturday planned.

The "Best Look" if you will.

We aren't restricting ourselves to any specific decade, though sifting through the black and white stuff will drive you crazy.

In short, the best look is the look that the Round-Up schools should return to and stick with full time, not just some one-off throwback game, but all the time from here to eternity. Shoe companies be damned. 

Let's dissect the lovable UTEP Miners. Our working title: Paydirt Pete's Revenge. 

How About a brief UTEP uniform history. Oh, here's one right here. 

Full Credit for School Colors

First of all, and we would be remised if we didn't say it, UTEP has historically stuck to school colors. Orange and Blue all the way. Well done. While we're here, Oregon, blue is not a school color. It's not. Oklahoma State, gun metal is not a school color. We're not even sure it's a color. Baylor, same for you. Maryland. Dear God. 

Why can't you kids be more like UTEP? Steady as she goes, UTEP. Orange and blue all the way, stay true to your school. 

That being said, UTEP went with gray as an alternate uniform. We don't know why? Perhaps just a post game washing incident, but let's all agree it won't happen again. Good? Sweet. 

However, there are some issues...

Template Hell. 

Template Hell. 

Look guys, Nike and Adidas and Under Armour all have a catalog or a swatch set, or set of glossy cards with uniform designs on them. They'd like, nay, love for you to go with something off the glossy card or swatch or the catalog. These are their templates. They eliminate the need to think or have a design aesthetic, or create a real identity. They are the Cheesecake Factory of uniform designs, they look great on paper but they come out pretty much the same in the execution. 

Just pick a value meal. 

Don't fall for the Cheesecake Factory menu. Don't pick one of McDonald's 10 value meals. Order off the menu. Define yourself. 

UTEP hasn't done that. They've ordered from the menu lately which means they're stuck with whatever Nike is pitching to not only the rest of their collegiate clientele but also what Nike pitches to El Paso ISD and the rest of the high school universe. 

Be distinctive, be UTEP. Let's go back to the glory days of Bob Stull, not as AD, those days have lacked glory, but his days as head football coach. Or that one good Gary Nord year.

There was a brief time when UTEP went with a classic UCLA shoulder stripe, in the late 80s. They later modified those stripes to look more pick axey in the late 90s early 2000s. Those were nice, even somewhat inventive, but nothing like the bold beautiful striping of the 1988 vintage. 

Holy sh**t look at those beauts. 

Note the helmet, sleeve, pant stripe from 2002ish. 

The world by the short hairs, Bob Stull.

Look at Bob Stull getting carried off the field in 1988, having the time of his life. Too high on life, he left for Missouri a few weeks later. He won 15 games in five years at Mizzou and never sniffed better than 6th in the Big 8. You were a King in El Paso Bob and you gave it all up to get your ass kicked by Nebraska and Oklahoma every year. Heck Bob, Colorado and Okie State were running up the score on you. 

That's the best look Miner faithful. The Orange Crush with big beautiful shoulder piping matched on the britches. Breath it in.

Plus, the way adidas has basterdized and ruined  UCLA's shoulder stripes, you can now corner the market. 

UTEP 1988 Linemen.jpg

Paydirt Pete

Good Old Sweet Pete. He loved the brown liquor. 

Here's the deal UTEP, you're sitting on a gold mine with good old Paydirt Pete. I mean look at the dude, swole, blue collar, carries a pick axe and he's come a long way. Back in the old days he was "Sweet Pete" who looked more like the town drunk than an axe carrying workout bro. Pete started lifting, took some pride in himself, went with more form fitting clothes and boom a few shoulder presses later he became dynamo.   

We prefer the wild man chin beard to the mustache by the way - less village people, more "hey I just hit a vein of ore and I'm here to party." Plus the classic late 80s Paydirt Pete wore a helmet with a head lamp, much more functional and safe than the fabric cowboy hat of the recent template. 

Close but not up to OSHA standards. 

Close but not up to OSHA standards. 

Yes. This is the one. 

Yes. This is the one. 

So we'd like to suggest going full time to the beautiful Paydirt Pete helmet logo. You're Miners for God sakes, salt of the earth, blue collar, literally ready to rock. Embrace it. 

So there you go...easy wasn't it? We just reenergized your program by going back to the future and digging up some beautiful relics and a swole Miner with a chin beard. 

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Posted on March 18, 2017 and filed under UTEP, Southwest Round-Up.