Throwback Thursday: 1975 Texas A&M at Arkansas

What if I told you that back in 1975 Texas A&M was one win away from playing for a national title? Doesn't ring a bell? Well let us ring it for you. Here's the 1975 Arkansas/A&M game from Little Rock.


- Texas A&M started the 1975 campaign ranked 9th in the AP and would reel off ten straight wins on their way to a number 2 ranking by their Thanksgiving showdown with No. 5 Texas. 

- Through an odd scheduling quirk, A&M's season didn't end with their win over the Horns, but instead the Aggies traveled to Little Rock for what was essentially the SWC title game vs. the 8-2 Razorbacks. 

- The two teams agreed at midseason to move the game to early December to accommodate TV. Remember that playing on TV was a huge deal in 1975 or any year back then. Typically playing on TV meant you were THE college football game on television that week. 

- A&M quarterback Mike Jay was injured in the Texas game and the Aggies turned to backup David Shipman for what was perhaps the biggest game in A&M history. 

280 pound fullback George Woodard. 

- Known for the revolutionary wishbone, A&M coach Emory Bellard rode the talents of mammoth fullback George Woodard and fellow running back Bubba Bean to an undefeated record.  

- A&M's defense allowed just 10 points per game and were led by Ed Simonini, Pat Thomas, and Garth TenNapel. 

- A&M would go on to the Liberty Bowl where they ran into a USC buzz saw and lost 20-0. 

- Arkansas on the other hand had two early season set backs, at Oklahoma State and a home loss to Texas. 

Ike Forte

- The Hogs were led by Frank Broyles, then in the 18th of 19 seasons in charge. 

- Broyles' '75 team was led by quarterback Scott Bull and near 1,000 yard rusher Ike Forte. 

- Arkansas was equally as stingy on defense, allowing 10.3 points a game. 

- The Razorbacks went on to a Cotton Bowl win over Georgia and a number 7 final AP ranking. 

Enjoy the defacto SWC title game from 1975. 

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