Facilities Roundup: The Weight Rooms

In the global arms race to attract and develop top flight football talent, the weight room or strength and conditioning center has become a foundational tool. Benches and barbells aren't enough to get Johnny High School to sign with your program. As a result coaches and ADs across the state are expanding, renovating, and rebuilding the weight palaces in Texas.

Here's a comparison. 


Margaret and Weldon Ratliff Performance Center

13,500 square feet

Completed in August 2016

  • 30 Yard sprint area
  • Applied Performance Lab with massage and chiropractic area monitors athlete performance using cutting edge technology. 
  • Nutrition "Oasis" complete with fueling station. 
  • Renovated previous weight room in the Simpson Athletic Center.


Elmer Redd Strength and Conditioning Center

16,500 square feet

Built in 1995 as part of the Athletics/Alumni Center at a cost of $29.1 million

  • State of the art sport flooring.
  • Nutrition/Recovery Center.
  • 50,000 pounds of equipment, including 14,000 pounds of plates.
  • Named for former Cougar running back Coach Elmer Redd.
  • Recently underwent a $500,000 renovation. 
  • Part of indoor track facility. 

North Texas

Mean Green Strength and Conditioning Center

7,000 square feet

Completed in 2005

  • One of the first North Texas facility upgrades, prior to Apogee stadium, part of the 50,000 square foot Athletic Center.
  • The Athletic Center include a dinning facility and sports medicine space.
  • 16,000 pounds of weights.
  • Less than 100 yards from Victory Hall, student athletic housing.  


Patterson Sports Performance Center

The entire center is a total of 60,000 square feet including new weight room, locker room, etc. 

Completed in the Summer of 2016

  • Entire center was built for $31.5 million.
  • One wall of the weight room overlooks the stadium. 
  • Center also includes meeting rooms, coaches offices, and sports medicine. 


Salvino Strength and Conditioning Center

10,000 square feet

Opened August of 2000

  • 13,000 pounds of free weight equipment.
  • 1,500 feet of functional drill space.
  • Serves over 500 student athletes. 


Dr. Nasser Al-Rashid Strength and Training Center

20,000 square feet

Renovated in 2017

  • 60 meter, four lane track.
  • Upstairs from the weight room is an indoor facility for warm up and additional space. 
  • Will undergo an additional renovation for new coach Tom Herman. 
  • In addition, in 2013 The Red McCombs Red Zone Sports Medicine & Strength Training Project was completed in the North End Zone of DKR and includes 32,000 feet of sports medicine and strength training. 


Bob Lilly Performance Center

18,000 square feet

Completed in 2011

  • Located adjacent to the Frogs' indoor facility. 
  • Two story structure includes Nutrition Station.
  • Tripled the size of TCU's old weight room. 
  • Houses one of college football's only cryosaunas. 

Texas A&M

Davis Player Development Center

19,000 square feet

Completed in 2012

  • 25 screen video wall
  • Elite form camera system on all platforms send workouts to all players, measures amount of weight, counts reps, tracks percentages and also videos form.  
  • Replaced the Netum Steed Laboratory, home to A&M strength and conditioning from the mid 80s. 

Texas State

Chuck Nash Strength & Conditioning Room

Weight room size, unknown

Completed 2002

  • The Strength and Conditioning room is on the first floor of the End zone Complex at Bobcat Stadium. 
  • One side of the weight room faces out to the playing surface. 
  • End zone complex features meeting rooms, coaches offices, and 

Texas Tech 

Football Training Facility 

10,000 square feet

Completed in 2004

  • Weight facility faces Tech's two practice fields to the South. 
  • Part of the Football Training Facility which also contains coaching offices, locker rooms, sports medicine, hydro therapy, and player lounge. 
  • Total cost was just over $9 million. 


Vandenburg Strength and Conditioning Center

11,420 square feet

Completed in August of 2002

  • More than doubled the size of the previous strength and conditioning center. 
  • Also houses a 4,798 square foot Sports Medicine Center. 
  • Part of the 65,000 square foot Durham Center that includes locker rooms, coaches offices, and academic support. 


UTSA Strength Training Facility 

6,000 square feet

Renovated in 2013

  • The weight room underwent a $500,000 makeover in 2013. 
  • Later this spring a bond vote will be held to determine whether UTSA will receive $10 million in city funds that would go towards a new facility that would include coaches offices and new weight facility. 

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