Facilities Roundup: The Locker Rooms

The round up takes a look at the various locker rooms around the 12 taxes FBS programs. Used to be a locker rooms were full of benches metal lockers and communicable diseases. These days they've got water features, ground effects lighting, and video boards. For an added spice and because some of these locker rooms look like actual strip clubs, we give each a strip club rating from 1 to 10. One being a church social and 10 being that place out by the airport with the two dollar buffet.


Completed in August 2014 along with the completion of McLane Stadium.  

  • The locker room is 50 yards long and 17 yards wide and features 100 cherry veneer lockers with lighted shelves for players to place their helmets.
  • Descending from the ceiling is a glowing, interlocking BU.
  • The wall at the end of the locker room features murals of former Baylor players like Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.
  • Strip Club Factor: 3


Renovated August 2016

  • Underwent a $1 million renovation in 2016.
  • The 4,500-square foot room includes 118 lockers with three to be sealed and dedicated to College Football Hall of Famers Andre Ware, Wilson Whitley and Bill Yeoman.
  • Features Hollman pass thru lockers which will feature ventilated storage space beneath a padded seat cushion with lockable storage, power and USB ports at the top of each locker.
  • A lighted UH logo is suspended from the ceiling and a graphics package highlighting the Houston Football program and with a quartz-tile finish on the backside of a media wall featuring six 60-inch TVs.
  • Strip Club Factor: With the lights down and the red ground effects, 9.5.

North Texas

Renovated August 2016

  • Renovated in August of 2016 including new lockers, graphics, and carpet. 
  • Locker Room is part of the Athletic Center, but sit adjacent to Apogee Stadium. 
  • Lockers contain charging stations, graphic endcaps, and larger seating. 
  • Strip Club Factor: 4


Finished in August 2016

  • Part of the Brian Patterson Endzone Facility, completed in the summer of 2016. 
  • New Locker Room replaced the Owls previous locker room on the opposite end of Rice Stadium. 
  • The Entire facility cost $31 million. 
  • Strip Club Factor: 2


Renovated in 2015

  • Underwent a $3 million renovation in 2011 and again in 2015.
  • Each locker has a built-in storage area for the player's numerous pairs of playing and workout shoes.
  • There are individual lock boxes for valuables and a built-in cabinet located at the bottom of each locker, as well as personalized plates to i.d. each player's individual locker.
  • There's a glowing Mustang on the ceiling. Like really glowing. 
  • Strip Club Factor: The Glowing Mustang puts it over the top. 8. 


Renovated in 2011. Currently under renovation.

  • Includes a state of the art locker ventilation system. 
  • Centerpiece is a lighted 20 foot, three dimensional Longhorn on the ceiling. 
  • New renovation includes a planned water feature. Holy shit. 
  • Strip Club Factor: Currently a 5. Once Herman's done, "Cinnamon to Stage 2." 


Renovated 2012

  • 8,000 square feet. 
  • Renovated on the site of the old strength and conditioning site. 
  • Custom vented lockers. 
  • Strip Club Factor: 4

Texas A&M

Constructed in 2014 along with the rest of the Kyle Field renovation. 

  • Total cost was just north of $16 million. 
  • Every locker has ventilation and an LED Screen that changes depending on the week, uniform combination, etc. 
  • There's a waterfall. 
  • There's a barber shop. 
  • There are over 100 television screens, not counting the locker LEDs. We need a drink. 
  • Strip Club Factor: Don't touch the merchandise gents. 10.

Texas State

Renovated in 2014 and again in 2016. 

  • Each locker has a keypad locking mechanism. 
  • Shoulder pad ventilation. 
  • An LED Supercat above each locker and LED end caps. 
  • Strip Club Factor: a solid 7. 

Texas Tech

Tech's Gameday Lockroom is at Jones AT&T, their practice locker room is currently under renovation. 

  • Not much is known about Tech's locker room other than it is changing and may have caught on fire last week.
  • We suspect once the renovations are done, we'll get lots of pictures and tours. 
  • Strip Club Factor: Based on available photograph, 2.


Part of the 65,000 square foot Larry K. Durham Center. 

  • Features a small player lounge with video games. 
  • Touchpad Entry. 
  • Lockers without ventilation. 
  • Strip Club Factor: More of a Denny's Vibe. 2


UTSA's on campus locker room was renovated in September 2016.

  • 130 Lockers
  • Mural of Eric Soza's and UTSA's first ever touchdown. 
  • Center piece is a 3D UTSA logo mirroring the Roadrunners helmet decal. 
  • Players lounge with video games. 
  • Strip Club Factor: 3