Tuesday Playcard

Fat Guys in Austin

According to Tom Herman, his defensive line would improve if some of the "fat guys" lost some weight. Fat guys like D’Andre Christmas, Gerald Wilbon and Chris Daniels who are all north of 315 pounds. 

Herman would like to see his defensive front a little less girthy and a little more mobile. Most of the guys on that list were four and five star talents, recruited because they combined big frames with decent athleticism. Maybe a little too much big frame. 

A&M's Strength Coach Says Things are Going Well

On another note, A&M's new strength coach Mark Hocke likes what he's seeing in his charges. Hocke took over at A&M on Jan. 13 after working at Florida State, where he was the co-associate football strength and conditioning coach.

Of course the narrative from last fall was that last year's strength coach, former A&M linebacker Larry Jackson, had built a new, bigger, stronger SEC ready team. After the now customary November swoon, apparently that wasn't the case, at least not to Kevin Sumlin. Enter Hocke who like most coaches in the SEC has some Nick Saban connection, having worked at Bama a few years back. He's also served in the same capacity at Georgia. 

We're not sure what Hocke is supposed to say if things aren't going well, his job his to ensure that they do. If a strength coach isn't able to motivate the squad, then you need a new strength coach. A&M's tried that before. 

UTSA hires former Bama assistant

New UTSA defensive line coach Bo Davis is no stranger to success. He helped put together some of the strongest, most dominant defensive line units in the country during his time at Alabama. How he put those units together is a question at this point. 

Davis resigned from Alabama last spring under curious circumstances. Davis was shown the door at Bama allegedly because of recruiting violations. Davis' lack of cooperation with the school sped up his ouster. 

24/7 rated Davis as the number one recruiter in the SEC and number two recruiter nationally. Davis was investigated by the NCAA, however the investigation has not reach a resolution. His hiring at UTSA is a little surprising given that fact. Davis spent last season in NCAA limbo, waiting on something to come of the investigation. So he took a job driving a truck, making $18 an hour and waited. He's still waiting. 

The allegations stem from Davis' contact with recruits outside NCAA mandated time frames. Not exactly SMU from the 1980's type stuff. So UTSA may have landed one of the best recruiters in America, with a few strings attached. Those string haven't identified themselves yet. 

But this is what Frank Wilson has done at UTSA, enlist the help of some serious recruiting talent to help him build the program. 

Former TECH player drops suit against University 

Former Tech player "John Doe" has dropped a lawsuit against Texas Tech based on his dismissal from the football team after a Title IX hearing last fall. Doe's suit was scheduled for dismissal after he failed to serve it on the university, but Doe filed a notice of nonsuit preemptively. 

The suit was dismissed without prejudice meaning John Doe is free to refile at any time and until the statute of limitations runs. Doe's accusation was founded on the idea that the University's Title IX hearing violated his due process rights. The Title IX hearing concluded with a finding that Doe had nonconsensual sex with an incapacitated student. Doe was subsequently suspended from the University. 

Students like Doe can appeal the outcome of Title IX hearings if they can show bias by the panel, the penalty was not commensurate with typical practices or if there is new information that wasn’t available at the time of the hearing.

These are some of the same issues that arose at Minnesota last fall prior to their Holiday Bowl appearance. Ten Golden Gophers were suspended as a result of a Title IX investigation into alleged sexual assaults. The rest of the Gophers threatened a boycott of the bowl. That incident, and more specifically, his response to it cost Minnesota coach Tracy Claeys his job. 

We'll see if anything else comes of this situation in Lubbock.  

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