Miami Beach Bowl Moving to Frisco

Add another bowl to the roster of games played in Texas as the Miami Beach Bowl is moving to Frisco beginning in 2017. We assume they'll be a name change, otherwise this gets real awkward. The Miami Beach Bowl pits an AAC opponent vs. a Sun Belt squad in 2017 and 2019 (SMU vs. Texas State in 2018 anyone?) and a AAC opponent vs. a MAC school in 2018.

First played in 2014, the game was contested at Marlins Ballpark. Yes, that's a baseball stadium. We'll always remember it for its tradition of empty blue seats, crowds of less than 25,000, and of course the BYU/Memphis Brawl of 2014.

The Frisco version will be played at Toyota Stadium, home of FC Dallas and the site of the FCS title game for the last few years. SB Nation has suggested a few possible names for the extravaganza. May we suggest the dream of the Shiner Bock Bowl or Bock Bowl may be closer than ever.

The Roundup

Posted on April 22, 2017 and filed under Southwest Round-Up.