Gear Head: Rice's Best Uniforms

Gear Head is in the middle of a new series that all AD's, assistant AD's, designers, shoe companies, and athletes around the nation will want to take note of, we're picking the best uniform for each of our beloved Round-Up schools. Maybe a few others. We don't know. We've got a pretty full Saturday planned.

The "Best Look" if you will.

We aren't restricting ourselves to any specific decade, though sifting through the black and white stuff will drive you crazy.

In short, the best look is the look that the Round-Up schools should return to and stick with full time, not just some one-off throwback game, but all the time from here to eternity. Shoe companies be damned. 

This week we look at the Rice Owls, working title Winged Beasts of Scholarly Activity. 

Rice is set for some sort of University wide "rebrand" next week. Shame, we've got a bunch of un-rebranded merchandise we're trying to move. 

How about a brief synopsis of Rice's uniform history. 

First of all, Rice has a very simple yet useful color pallet, Rice Blue and Rice Gray. They haven't deviated much from that combo, save for one season under Todd Graham when Rice can only plead temporary insanity. Other than that the Owls have stayed in their lane. 

Rice lost its way under Todd Graham. Yellow? Seriously, yellow?

Rice lost its way under Todd Graham. Yellow? Seriously, yellow?

That Adidas Template though

Adidas should be brought up on war crimes for what they've done to college football uniforms. 

Exhibit A. 


Exhibit B


Exhibit C

Someday the world will know of all the atrocities committed by adidas in their scorched earth campaign. They will know because we tell them. 

They've given Rice some ultra drab, basic, tight fitting, uniforms. Apparently these are called "tech fit" which is code for "doesn't fit." These are the jerseys that are constantly pulling up over shoulder pads. To add insult to injury, adidas feels the need to add these watermarks of adidas stripes or barb wire or whatever around the shoulders. 

No on likes these uniforms. Every adidas school yearns to be a nike school. They beg. Adidas took classic UCLA stripes ruined them. They then took Nebraska's classic two stripe look and made uniforms fit in such a way that they actually looked like UCLA stripes.  This is an apparel company that technologied itself out of the ability to create stripes. Please don't make any more breakthroughs adidas lest you lose the ability to create numbers or lettering. 

The script "R"

We think Rice has hit on something with the script R, it's classic. It's also a not so subtle jab at other schools that says, "hey, our kids are smarter that your kids, we've taken the print and cursive up a notch." You do you Rice. 

Once Rice went to that look on their helmet and as a major brand identifier we were all in. 

As we've said it's a classic look, that rivals the Longhorns, the LSU with the Tiger head, Bama's numbers, etc. 

Stick with it Rice. You do you Rice. 

So, with that in mind, we'd like to suggest that Rice go back to the classic Chase Clement, James Casey look from 2008ish. 

Those pant stripes. 

Those pant stripes. 

Look at those beauties. While we're at it, we like the blue facemask. But the key is those pant stripes, note the keen use of school colors. We've gone away from pant striping for some reason. We don't know why, but it's a travesty. I'm sure adidas will tell you we can't do stripes, which marks the first time in recorded history that we've lost the ability to do something that was perfectly reasonable in the 1940s. Let that sink in. 

Plus, Rice uses that nice script R on the jerseys on the front. There is none more Ricer. We believe that's called symmetry. One last thing, can we stop with all the matte, dull helmets? We like our helmets shiny and reflective. 

So there you go Rice, you probably spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your new rebrand and all you had to do was was call us. Next time think ahead and give the old gear head a heads up, we'll hook you up. 

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Posted on April 5, 2017 and filed under Rice, Southwest Round-Up.