Season Ticket Survey

So you want to buy season tickets for your favorite Texas college squad. How much is that going to set you back? What sorts of perks do you get? Can you get a seat cushion for the love of Pete? All valid questions and the Roundup is here to help. We reviewed all the 2017 season ticket prices for the 12 Texas FBS schools and found out what tickets cost you plus if you're a student are you stuck in the nose bleeds or are you in the middle of the action. 

Who's the most economical, or rather the cheapest in terms of a season ticket? Have we got some options for you. The lowest priced season seats belong to UTEP which gets you in and out for $55. Around the Texas FBS landscape the average lowest season ticket is $169.00. Texas A&M's the steepest of the cheapest by a long shot. They're paying off that 102,000 seater they built a few years back. 

Let's say you're a high roller and you want to see how the rest of the blue bloods live. We can help you with that as well. A&M is once again the steepest, assuming you pay off your Capital Campaign requirements over a five year period you're still out over $7,500 to watch the November Aggie swoon. Texas State is the most affordable of the high roller seats, a $300 dollar Bobcat Club donation plus $140 for your tickets and you're living the good life watching the likes of Idaho and Georgia State tangle with your home-standing Bobcats. 

Now onto school specific analysis. Where does your school rank, let's find out. 


2016 Average Home Attendance: 45,838

Pre-Requisites: Membership in the Bear Foundation. Membership levels run from $120 for recent alumni up to $30,000 and over. 

What they cost: Bear Foundation Members may purchase season tickets from $175 to $350. Certain seats require a minimum seat purchase. With a Bear Foundation Membership and season ticket purchase, parking is included at varying levels. A Foundation Membership of $750 or more get you a reserved parking spot. 

Students: Student seats are on the visiting sideline spanning from goal line to goal line. Baylor averaged 9,000 students at each game in 2016. 


2016 Average Home Attendance: 38,953

What they cost: From $150 to $200 plus a Donation to the Cougar Pride Foundation ranging from $25 to $1,300. "Young Alumni" can purchase season tickets for $175 plus a $25 donation. Cougar Pride Memberships of $100.00 and up with season tickets entitle the member to parking passes. 

Students: Students are allowed 5,000 seats from the visiting 20 around and through the southeast corner of the end zone. 

North Texas

2016 Average Home Attendance: 19,878

What they cost: Season tickets start at $60 and run up to $375. Tickets priced at $160 and up require a Membership in the Mean Green Club with donations running either $250 to $500 depending on the seasons ticket request. Recent graduates can purchase season tickets for $50. 

Mean Green Club membership comes with a parking pass, proximity is dependent on the level of gift. 

Students: The Student section is essentially the entire east side of the stadium. 


2016 Average Home Attendance: 21,452

What they cost: Season tickets start at $90 and go up to $265. Season tickets that are $190 and above require a $500 Owl Club Donation. Owl Club Donations at $500 or above get you a parking pass, high rollers park closer. 

Students: Rice students sit in sections 115 and 116 on the west side of the stadium from the 30 to the goal line. Right next to the M.O.B.


2016 Average Home Attendance: 23,712

What they cost: SMU's season tickets run from non-priority seating at $99 up to $250 per seat with certain minimum and maximum seat purchase requirements. Priority sections require a Mustang Club Donation ranging from $150 up to $2,500 per four season tickets, and the tickets themselves run from $250 up to $875 per ticket. There are five Mustang Club lots based on donation level. 

Students: Students who have elected for the sports package receive tickets to football games, otherwise individual tickets can be purchased. The student section runs from the visiting side 30 to the near end zone. 


2016 Average Home Attendance: 97,888

What they cost: Texas has two season ticket levels that DO NOT require a donation to the Athletic Department, they range in price from $199 up to $355. The rest require a donation ranging from $150 and up to $5,000 and tickets ranging from $330 up to $690. 

Parking in Austin is a bear, Longhorn Foundation members with football season tickets who make a minimum donation of $50 annually are eligible to purchase parking. The number of parking permits is determined by annual fund donation, and the location is determined by loyalty points.

  • Annual gifts of $25,000+ allows purchase of 3 permits, during the priority allocation process and are subject to availability.
  • $10,000-$24,999 allows purchase of 2 permits, subject to availability.
  • $50-$9,999 allows purchase of 1 permit, subject to availability.

Students: Students who purchase "The Big Ticket" receive a reserved seat. The Big Ticket cost $175. Student tickets are dispersed from the South end zone, to the Eastside lower and upper decks. 


2016 Average Home Attendance: 45,168

What they cost: (2016) Tickets are $300 with location determined by the amount of donation. Donations range from $75 to $750 per ticket. There are various permit lots around the stadium for including one for "Young Alumni." 

Students: Students sit along the first level of the visitor's sideline between the 10 yard lines. 

Texas A&M

2016 Average Home Attendance: 101,917

What they cost: Texas A&M requires a donation to the "Capital Campaign" plus a yearly donation. Capital donations can be paid out over five years. On top of that there's an annual contribution that gives you the ability to purchase a season ticket. Donations range from $25 up to $15,000 and season tickets range from $490 to $560 from bench seats to club seats. 

Students: A&M averages over 31,000 students per game and the student section runs the entire east side of the stadium and into the first deck of the South Endzone. 

Texas State

2016 Average Home Attendance: 18,120

What they cost: From $95 to $140 ($140 or priority level requires a donation of between $100 and $300.) Priority Seats get you a cushioned seat. Membership in the Bobcat Club entitles you to a parking pass in parking areas near the stadium. 

Student: Student tickets are available from the visiting sideline 50 around to the corner of the end zone of the enclosed end of stadium. 

Texas Tech

2016 Average Home Attendance: 58,250

What they cost: Season tickets range from $184 to $205. $184 season tickets do not require an annual seat contribution, from there up the annual seat contribution ranges from $21 to $3,125 per season ticket. 

Students: Students occupy the east side of the stadiums lower bowl and around to the south end zone. 


2016 Average Home Attendance: 23,001

What they cost: UTEP season tickets cost between $55 and $100. $55 general admission seats are in the end zone while all other seats require a donation to the Miner Athletic Club. Donations range from $110 to $1,200. $1,200 gets you into the Captains Club at the top of the home side of the stadium. 

Students: UTEP's Student tickets are all in four sections along the visiting sideline between the end zone and the forty yard line. 


2016 Average Home Attendance: 23,038

What they cost: Tickets are available for as low as $60 and up to $1,325. All tickets above the $130 "Reserved" level includes an automatic donation to the Roadrunner Athletic Fund. So while tickets are only $130 to $280, the donation adds between $170 and $1,045 to the overall cost. Founders level and Premiere level include a parking pass and basketball incentives.  

Students: UTSA allots 6,000 seats to students and students who pay the athletics fee attend games free of charge. An additional 5,400 seats are available in the upper deck should the need arise. The UTSA student section is in the South Endzone. 

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