Suit filed against Baylor alleges gang rape by football players

Baylor served with a seventh Title IX lawsuit which alleges as many as eight football players drugged a student and gang raped her in 2012.

The lawsuit comes as Baylor continues to deal with fallout from a sexual assault scandal that led to the firing of President Ken Starr and head football coach Art Briles and the resignation of Ian McCaw as athletics director almost a year ago.

According to the suit, filed by Muhammad Aziz a Houston based attorney, the football team had a system of hazing freshman recruits by having them bring freshman females to parties to be drugged and gang raped, “or in the words of the football players, ‘trains’ would be run on the girls.” 

According to the suit, the victim and her mother met with an assistant coach to discuss the details of the event, however they never heard from the assistant again. The victim was also still required to attend classes with two of the players. One of the players later told the Plaintiff that he never came on to her because she was 'easy' and "like coach said we (Baylor football players) don't want easy," the suit said. 

The victim also had a meeting with head coach Art Briles as well as her volleyball coach, but the response from the university was insufficient. 

Once again Baylor is on the wrong end of terrible accusations from a Baylor student. We doubt this will be the last such suit. 

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Posted on May 17, 2017 and filed under Baylor.