Lubbock May Look like Iraq, but it's our Iraq

Leave it to Tommy Tuberville to run his mouth. Tubbs has been known to let his mouth write checks that his ass couldn't cash. He's also had his fair share of questionable judgment. He's the only coach in the history of mankind to leave a Power 5 job for Cincinnati. Congrats on that. The sting must have been palatable when the Big 12 didn't expand to that Valhalla just north of Kentucky.

Now Tubbs, after pondering a run for Governor of Alabama, has been running his mouth about the City of Lubbock, comparing it to Iraq. We assume not the nice part of Iraq. You know, not the "George Bush Eternal Home of Democracy Green Zone" part. We hate to go Johnny Junior High Tubbs, but no one really liked you. We all like you less now. 

That's hard to comprehend. You were already pretty disliked. At Auburn you averaged 8.5 wins a year, beat Alabama seven out of ten times, went undefeated one year and they were tripping all over themselves to hire Bobby Petrino and jettison you. Had a private jet heading to get him and all. You were less liked than Bobby Petrino - the man who has spent his life trying to burn down college football with a staff assistant strapped the back of his Harley. 

The Pirate

The Pirate

Then you went to Tech to replace one of the most beloved members of the coaching fraternity, Mike Leach. A man who had built Tech into  borderline national power through short white receivers and two yard splits. The greatest post game interview in the game. A coach that revolutionized college football while holding a post it note in his hand and scribbling gibberish. You made all that boring. If Lubbock is Iraq you brought the sand to the party because you sapped the life out of the program. Made one of the most innovative offenses in college football melba toast. You were to Lubbock what Scar was to the Pride Lands. You couldn't muster a winning record in the Big 12 and couldn't finish better than 5th in the league.

Then, and we still can't believe this, you took a job at a non-power five school while eating a steak dinner with a recruit at a Lubbock eatery. Just got up to go the bathroom and never came back. That's the exact plot line of at least three after-school specials from my youth. "Dad got up to go to the restroom and never came back." And you didn't even leave Lubbock for USC, Michigan or Florida. You could leave a steak dinner for that. Even leave a recruit high and dry. But you walked out for Cincinnati. You left a ten for a two. You ditched the attractive girl for her chubby sister. 

Lubbock Art Walk

Lubbock Art Walk

No one in Lubbock missed you. They were glad to see you go. They were just shocked you'd walk out when a piece of well cooked-beef was on its way to the table. 

And oh, by the way, Lubbock is cooler than you deserved Tubbs. It's the home of Buddy Holly and a lively music scene. It's got a pretty vibrant art scene. There are hipsters there now. Tapas follows them. The Depot District gets 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor and it's only the 17th best attraction in the city. 

Lubbock is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas, among eight of the top fifteen that sit inside Texas' borders. Lubbock has a 14% growth rate, short commutes, and great sunsets. There are things to do, places to be, people see. Tech's football team is once again an offensive juggernaut, the defense, well that's for another day.

People have a hell of a time in Lubbock, and you know what they don't miss? You Tubbs. Not at all. 

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Posted on May 19, 2017 and filed under Texas Tech, Southwest Round-Up.