Throwback Thursday: 1985 SMU at Oklahoma

We go back to the end of the salad days at SMU. The Pony Express was gone, the death penalty was lurking, and Bobby Collins loaded his team up and drove north to Norman. Waiting were the #4 ranked Sooners under Barry bleeping Switzer.

Get me some Switzer Bullets!

- The Oklahoma game was the last entry on SMU's schedule in 1985. The Mustangs headed to Norman with a 6-4 record. Bobby Collins was a year removed from a 10-2 and the Aloha Bowl. He was one year away from the only time in NCAA history that the death penalty would be imposed on an NCAA program. Right in the middle were the Oklahoma Sooners. 

- The great Reggie Dupard gets overlooked in the shadow of Dickerson and James, but he put together three straight 1,000 yard seasons for the Mustangs. That was one more than Dickerson and two more 1,000 yard seasons than James. 

- Dupard was a consensus All-American in 1985 and spent five seasons in the NFL. 

- SMU's quarterback was Don King, not the boxing promoter. He made All-SWC in 1984 and went on to a brief NFL career as a defensive back. 

- The 1985 Mustangs started the season ranked 3rd in the country but back to back losses to Arizona and Baylor ended those aspirations. The high point came when SMU blew out the 19th ranked Longhorns 44-14. A week later the Mustangs lost by two at A&M, killing any chance of playing spoiler in the league. 

- Oklahoma went 11-1 with the lone loss to Miami. The Sooners went on to win Big 8 and the Orange Bowl vs. Penn State and were voted National Champs by the AP. 

- It was a special time in Norman with Switzer and studs like Brian Bozworth, young Troy Aikman, Keith Jackson, Anthony Stafford and the great Jamelle Holloway. 

- Switzer won 83% of his games at OU, and never less than seven games in a season. 

- The Sooners went to bowl games in 13 of Switzer's 19 seasons and won three national titles. 

Enjoy the Sooners and Mustangs from 1985. Thanks as always to the great Stephen Barnett for keeping these games alive. 

Throwback Thursday...