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The 5 Biggest Coaching Staff Additions in 2017

Jeff Traylor - SMU

Jeff Traylor

Jeff Traylor

We love this hire. Traylor comes over from Texas after the Charlie Strong departure. No one knows East Texas better than Traylor who coached at Gilmer prior to his Texas run. Remember this, when Ron Meyer was kicking things up at SMU, he made the decision to recruit the Metroplex, Houston, and East Texas. In his estimation, East Texas had the best athletes in the State. Traylor can deliver those athletes to Chad Morris. 

Sonny Dykes - TCU

Sonny Dykes

Sonny Dykes

Dykes is officially just an analyst, but remember, he was a very good head coach at Louisiana Tech, transforming that program. If he'd been given any resources at Cal (or tried to play defense even a little bit) they couldn't have competed in the PAC 12 North. He's back to his offensive roots working for Gary Patterson. Dykes was an early adopter of the Air Raid system and he can help immensely in other areas as well. He'll mitigate the loss of Doug Meacham.

Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart - Rice

David Bailiff made a good hire in Stewart who has coached and been successful in every level of football, from Power 5s to the NFL. He has extensive NFL experience and learned from one of the best spread killers in football today, Wade Phillips. Stewart coordinated defenses for the Cowboys in the NFL as well as Maryland and Houston in college. Plus, he's been a position coach for the Chargers, Texans and Eagles. His most recent stint was with Nebraska as a secondary coach. He has a wealth of experience. The odd man front, attacking scheme Stewart brings with him should be of great benefit to the Owls. 

Bo Davis - UTSA

Bo Davis

Bo Davis

Forget about the show cause against Bo Davis for his indiscretions at Alabama, this guy can coach. And while he isn't allowed to recruit off-campus, once players get on-campus they'll understand Davis' expertise and the type of players he can mold. He's coached for Nick Saban twice, Mack Brown, and in the league briefly. Plus he's coached in the Texas high school ranks at Galena Park North Shore. Alabama's string of NFL caliber defensive lineman trace back to Davis who can identify talent and develop it among the best in college football. Davis' imprint will be felt on the Roadrunner defensive line, the most important position in college football. 

Chris Scelfo

Chris Scelfo

Chris Scelfo - Houston

This one flew under the radar, but we loved the hire. Scelfo was the head coach at Tulane when Katrina almost destroyed the program. Besides that he's spent years in the NFL developing his craft. He'll coach offensive line for Major Applewhite. Scelfo also has extensive contacts in one of the recruiting hotbeds in the country, Louisiana. Good offensive line coaches are hard to find, Houston landed a good one. 

The Commitment Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere in college football these days. If you don't have your hashtag game on point, you're already behind in race you didn't know you were running. We're here to help with a our own ratings and thoughts on the Roundup squads' hashtag game. 

Baylor: #Wacover18

So...serious question, and this is the difficulty with these grammatically strained hashtags, are we to interpret this a "Wac Over" as in making over Waco? If so, have Chip and Joanna spread to ever facet of life? Is there no relief? Are there Aspen logs in the Baylor football building? 

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10. We give Matt Rhule the benefit of the doubt because he's experimenting with stuff and it's way better than the near 140 character #DreamBigDreamBaylor that Art Briles employed and which gives me carpal tunnel. 

Houston: #HTownTakeOver

We've warmed up to this. The master of all things Mensa and interweb Tom Herman came up with #HTownTakeOver a couple years ago. Then he got a grill, rented Major Applewhite's house, wore AC/DC shirts for levity sake, and became the captain of the Death Star in Austin. Applewhite had the good sense to keep the greatest marketing and recruiting tool at Houston since Bill Yeoman's desk drawer filled with hundred dollar bills. 

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10. Play the classics Major. Play the classics. But don't get a grill. 

North Texas: #NewDenton

What the hell was wrong with Old Denton? Apparently Seth Littrell has never seen Petty Theft at Dan's Silver Leaf or had a sour patch kid from Atomic Candy. Denton itself has given itself a great moniker, "Little D", a proverbial middle finger to those upity Dallas folks and a pretty good self-effacing penis joke. 

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10. May we suggest #LeanMeanandGreen18. On second thought that's in the same realm as #DreamBigDreamBaylor which may or may not have contributed to the Baylor sexual assault scandal. 

Rice: #TotalPackage

In the penis joke vein (see what I did there) we got Total Package from our friends at Rice. We assume playing up on the academic reputation of the fine institution. People fail to mention that Rice was founded by a racist who wanted to educate white males and only white males. That hashtag wouldn't go over well. 

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10. You do you Rice. You are the total package. You're going to win on average 4 to 5 games a year, but you're the total package. 

SMU: #StangGang18

Had to be done. This one rhymes. Doesn't take a genius to figure it out. Probably took Chad Morris less than five minutes of a staff meeting to work it out. Forget the inner city gang issues, the words rhyme. 

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10. It would've been wrong NOT to use it. 

Texas: #RevolUTion18

Texas has used several iterations of these RevolUTion type hashtags since Herman showed up. He took poor Charlie Strong's #Letsride and burned it to the ground, probably because Mensa Tom can't stand to have a hashtag that doesn't have the requisite apostrophe. If things don't go well for Tom can we recommend CaUTion before people consider his ContribUTion to the further DissolUTion of the Texas SolUTion. We're going to lay down for a while. 

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10. Like most things Tom's up to these days, he appears to be trying too hard. 

TCU: #CarterBoys18

So this is a play on Amon G. Carter Stadium and the males that play the game. Overall, just ok, like Gary Patterson himself - adaptable and teetering on boring. Think of it as oatmeal but without toppings that are too extravagant. Like raisins are ok, but dear God no brown sugar.  

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10. We are bored Gary. You have a mascot that shoots blood out of its eyes. Missed opportunity. 

Texas A&M: #YESSIR

Kevin Sumlin has taken some heat for this one. It might be the first such hashtag that was consistently used by a Texas program. Thank goodness the Aggies distanced themselves from the #WRTS or "We Run This State" nonsense. It was too easy to make jokes like "First in Texas, 5th in the SEC West."

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10. Simple, to the point and everyone knows what it means. It's also very polite which is something most hashtags aren't. 

Texas State: #TheProwl8

Ok, so clearly this is a play on the word Prowl and the Year 18, but we've combined them to such a degree that it just doesn't make sense. When you read it your mind thinks either Prowl 8 or Prow 18. 

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10. Just one letter or number fix and we've got something. It's just that easy. 

Texas Tech: #GunsBlazin18

Our most politically incorrect entry comes from Texas Tech, where the PC crowd must surely be ever offended and hope that Tech's recruiting is inept. We love it. Reminds us of Blazing Saddles. They built a toll booth in the desert!

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10. Tech really can't candy coat any of their hashtags, so why not go all in. It's not like #GunsUp or #WreckEm are anymore PC. Might as well use #ShootEm or #LockEmInAStorageRoom 

UTSA: #WeRunnin18

We assume #WeAreRunning18 is just too involved. Taking out the "are" and the "g" just gives mounds of street cred. For the record UTSA missed an opportunity during the Larry Coker era to use #CokedUp when they received a verbal. A certain demographic of 40 something commercial real estate brokers and investment bankers would have been all in. 

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10. We deduct points for grammar, but whatever, the kids these days couldn't care less about things like punctuation or grammar or talking to people face to face. 

UTEP: #PicksUp

We're stretching here because UTEP does not have a commitment yet for 2017. Sean Kugler may have some new incredible commitment hashtag that he's holding onto, waiting to spring on us. Then again Kugler joined Twitter in the last few months. No one tell him that Vine is dead. Let him work that out on his own. 

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10. It's dull, but it doesn't get used that much so meh. 

Looking at Kason Martin, UNT's Newest Quarterback Commitment

North Texas picked up a pretty nice commitment in Manvel quarterback Kason Martin. Martin is a hidden gem and highly productive player for a 5A Power. 

Kason Martin

Kason Martin

Martin stands just over 6-2 and is pretty gangly at 182 pounds. That's nothing an offseason or two can't rectify. From a numbers perspective Martin threw 3,443 yards and 46 touchdowns in 2016. He completed 62% of his passes for a Manvel team that finished 13-1 and lost to Temple in the State quarterfinals. 

We hate relying on highlight film to do any sort of evaluation because...well, it's highlight film. It can be instructive in a couple areas. One, you can't hide a bad arm on a highlight reel. Two, you generally get a good idea of how a player rates from an athletic standpoint. Finally, you tend to get an idea of what a player was asked to do in his high school system and how well or poorly that translates to the next level. 

You can see his junior highlight reel, here

A few observations:

  • Manvel had a lot of very good high school talent on the roster. 
  • The Mavericks play in a very good district with solid teams from Fort Bend, traditionally good program Texas City, Galveston Ball, and Galena Park. Add to that the fact that they played 6A powerhouse Pearland and defending 6A State champ North Shore in non-district action. The Mavs beat both of those teams. 
  • Martin has a long throwing motion, that includes what we call an elongated holstering action where he brings the ball off his shoulder, down to his hip, and around to get into his motion. 
  • He tends to leave his feet on throws. This may be because he's trying to throw the ball hard, with more velocity, but its counterproductive.
  • He's accurate (shockingly he didn't throw an incompletion on his highlight tape). But what we mean is he throws the ball to spots well, where his receiver/pass catcher can make a play. 
  • Martin moves pretty well in the pocket. Throws well on the run. 
  • He struggles to set his feet at times, he looks very robotic, not fluid. 
  • When he wants to he can uncork it. He throws with accuracy while throwing with velocity. 

A quick look at Brady McBride, New Rice Commit 

Rice also picked up a quarterback commitment from Coppell's Brady McBride. McBride has been a two year starter for the Cowboys and thrown for 4,040 yards and 50 touchdowns in those two seasons. 

He completed 59% of his passes. He's rushed for 823 yards and thirteen touchdowns as well. 

Our typical disclaimer...

Brady McBride

Brady McBride

We hate relying on highlight film to do any sort of evaluation because...well, it's highlight film. It can be instructive in a couple areas. One, you can't hide a bad arm on a highlight reel. Two, you generally get a good idea of how a player rates from an athletic standpoint. Finally, you tend to get an idea of what a player was asked to do in his high school system and how well or poorly that translates to the next level. 

You can see his junior highlight reel, here

Coppell finished 10-3 and got three rounds deep in the playoffs. 

A few thoughts:

  • McBride is 6-0 tall, pretty well put together. Natural looking athlete. 
  • McBride is athletic when he breaks the pocket. 
  • Moves well and with purpose inside the pocket. But he is very quick to pull it down and run. 
  • When he moves in the pocket, like a lot of young players, his feet get out of wack. When his feet get out of wack, he throws almost entirely with his upper body/shoulder. He loses his velocity. 
  • Willing runner, not afraid to take part in contact. 
  • Arm strength isn't great, but still pretty good. 
  • Like most high school, "spread" quarterbacks, he isn't asked to make a ton of intermediate throws. Lots of go/9 routes. Lots of bubbles. Throws those routes well. On the few intermediate/crossing routes McBride threw on time and accurately. Again, on a highlight reel. 
  • Looks natural and in control, fluid. 

The Roundup...