Wednesday Playcard

NCAA Is Investigating Baylor

Baylor confirmed what many have suspected - the NCAA is now investigating Baylor's sexual assault issues. The Baylor administration is faced with not only litigation in several Title IX suits but now an NCAA inquiry. 

With the litigation now in the discovery phase, Baylor submitted a proposal to Judge Robert Pitman that would allow for the release of certain information in spreadsheet form regarding sexual assaults on the Baylor campus since 2003. It's an attempt by Baylor's attorneys to limit the information disseminated during the trial. 

Such a release would augment the University's now infamous report by law firm Pepper Hamilton. One revelation that came from the pretrial hearings is that Baylor attorneys admitted the Pepper Hamilton report was created not with an eye towards transparency but rather in anticipation of litigation. This revelation is in stark contrast to the University's previously stated position.

As to the NCAA, the central question is what can they do in this instance? While there have been calls for the "death penalty" for Baylor football, the NCAA won't touch that nuclear option, perhaps ever again. The NCAA is formed to investigate issues that orbit on-field concerns such as illegal benefits or compensation for recruits. After the NCAA's moral stand against Penn State, which included a multi-year bowl ban, fines, and scholarship releases, the governing body backtracked little more than halfway into the sanctions. 

The real issue of NCAA involvement with Baylor as well as Penn State who are the NCAA seeking to punish? At Baylor the head coach, his entire staff, the AD and even the president are gone. The roster will have completely turned over as well. 

Perhaps the only course of action, should the NCAA find that coaches or administrators acted outside the law would be to impose so-called "Show Cause" penalties on those individuals. Requiring essentially a hearing and justification as to why NCAA penalties should not follow them if they take another job at an NCAA affiliated institution. Of course former AD Ian McCaw, clearly implicated in the scandal at Baylor, has already taken a similar administrative position at Liberty University.  

The Return of Vince Young

SI has a rather compelling piece on Vince Young's attempted comeback to professional football via the CFL. Young of course rose to great heights leading Texas to a National Title and winning the Heisman before becoming the 3rd overall pick in the NFL draft by the Tennessee Titans. Young put together a 31-19 record in the league before he was released. What followed has been attempted come-backs, bankruptcy, and the growth of his legendary status on the 40 acres. 

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the piece is that Young is still grasping to fight off father time and build a second chapter to his legacy - whether on the field or off it. At 34, chances are his time on the field have come to a close. 

Much of Young's comeback bid, including his signing with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, seems far fetched and desperate with a hint of sour grapes. He even calls current NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick "garbage." 

Vince will always have a place in Austin. Even with the university. He can capitalize on his fantastic collegiate career for a very long time. 

Film Study of New Houston Quarterback Chance Amie

Houston's Tyler Pipeline yielded another recruit this week as three-star dual threat quarterback Chance Amie committed to the Coogs. 

Amie's numbers thus far aren't crazy, video game like. He threw for just over 1,500 yards for a 2-8 Tyler Lee team in 2016. He did run for over 1,200 yards last season and accounted for 27 touchdowns. Part of that number included ten touchdowns but Amie also threw seven picks.

We hate relying on highlight film to do any sort of evaluation because...well, it's highlight film. It can be instructive in a couple areas. One, you can't hide a bad arm on a highlight reel. Two, you generally get a good idea of how a player rates from an athletic standpoint. Finally, you tend to get an idea of what a player was asked to do in his high school system and how well or poorly that translates to the next level. Otherwise you can expect a highlight film to show Amie completing EVERY SINGLE pass in a Brady-like performance. Not exactly a full and complete look, but whatever, here we go. 

You can see his junior highlight reel, here

A few observations:

  • Tyler Lee is smack dab in the middle of perhaps the most fertile recruiting area in the state BEAST Texas. They also go west into the eastern edge of the Metroplex for district opponents. Last season the Raiders played Longview, Marshall, the Mesquite ISD schools, Rockwall and of course the annual battle of the roses vs. Tyler John Tyler. 
  • Amie's athleticism jumps off the screen. He's a fluid athlete who looks very comfortable moving in and around pocket. 
  • He looks taller than 6-3. He's a long strider.
  • He has a very efficient throwing motion. Upper body and lower torso lineup. 
  • Good arm strength. Looks pretty effortless. 
  • The Tyler Lee offense at times seemed to be "snap the ball the Amie and let him do something awesome."
  • Not a ton of help around him. 
  • Typical spread throws, lots of verticals. 
  • Several throws of 60 yards give or take on the fly. 

After 75 years, We're 73 days from Texas Wesleyan Playing Football Again

After 75 years off the Texas Wesleyan Ram football team is a little over two months from being back on the job. 

The Rams open their 2017 season with Millsaps College at Farrington Field in Fort Worth on September 9, 2017. Former Nolan Catholic head coach Joe Prud’homme is the head man in charge at Wesleyan and he's put together a young roster of mostly freshman to take the field on the 9th.  

The Rams will play in the Central States Football League against, among other out of state schools, local teams Wayland Baptist, Texas College and Southwestern Assemblies of God. 

Best of luck to the Rams and we'll see you in the SWC right around 2035. 

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