Wednesday Playcard

Ed Oliver is named to every watch list

Dynamic rising sophomore Ed Oliver has been named to the Maxwell and Bednariks awards preseason watch lists. The Maxwell trophy is awarded every year to the best player in college football. The Bednariks award is given to the nation’s best defensive player. Oliver is one of only six players to make the prestigious preseason list.

The hits keep coming for Oliver, who was ranked fourth by SI in their preseason poll of the best players in college football. Last season Oliver was named an All-American and the AAC Freshman of the Year. More watch lists will be on the way for Oliver in the coming weeks. 

SEC Media Days aka We Miss The Old Ball Coach

Day two of SEC Media Days has come and gone, two more days to go. The league puts their 14 coaches as well as almost 50 players in the media spotlight. The annual event kicks off the football season for a lot of fans. Up until a few years ago the highlight was hearing Steve Spurrier talk shit for thirty plus minutes. Spurrier retired and no one as emerged to take his belt as the National Champ of the Press Conference. 

Butch Jones and Jim McElwain were as exciting as melba toast and even Brett Bielema toned down his act. Kirby Smart fired one over the bow of Butch Jones' and Tennessee but nothing like "Free Shoes University" or when Spurrier mentioned he would be making his 14th trip to Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, "I've coached in Neyland Stadium. ... I've coached there more than some of their head coaches." Or the great "I know why Peyton came back for his senior year. He wanted to be a three-time star of the Citrus Bowl."

We'd like to lobby to have a standing invitation for the Old Ball Coach to come to Media Days and hold court on whatever he'd like to talk about. You can get rid of the officiating update and give Spurrier 30 minutes to go off cuff. He could talk about his golf game, his grandkids, and make fun of Butch Jones.  That would be appointment television. 

Does the big 12 need Lincoln Riley and Tom Herman to save it?

We've had just about enough of Tom Herman is a genius talk this offseason. We've also heard just about enough of how Lincoln Riley's the best coach in Norman since Switzer or Stoops or Wilkinson. Now the Dallas Morning News is positing whether the league needs Riley and Herman to "save it." 

The only thing that's going to save the Big 12 from itself is some sort of electro-magnetic strike by North Korea or Canada. At some point, probably around 2022 or so, just before the leagues rights deals come back up for negotiation. It'll be open hunting season on the league as Oklahoma tries to find a more profitable resting place and Texas tries to find another media partner dumb enough to let them print money. Chances are ESPN and Fox won't be the only ones in the bidding and more importantly, the SEC, Big 10 and PAC 12 will be looking to sweeten the pot to woo the Sooners or Longhorns. 

Herman and Riley can go about being the messiahs that the media claims they are. Oklahoma can't wait to get out of the current situation and Texas won't be looking to change it.  

Texas State Loses another coach, Promotes from Within

Texas State lost another assistant coach as Jordan Peterson left to accept the same position at New Mexico. Peterson didn't unpack much since arriving to replace Tyler Santucci after Santucci left for a defensive analyst position at Notre Dame back on March 1. Just under four months later Peterson is gone. 

Texas State will promote graduate assistant Preston Mason to safeties coach in an official capacity while defensive coordinator Randall McCray will coach both the inside and outside linebackers. Peterson is the fifth assistant coach Texas State head coach Everett Withers had to replace this off-season.

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