Throwback Thursday: 1988 Southern Miss vs. UTEP

Throwback Thursday goes back to 1988, the first ever Bush administration and this Independence Bowl matchup between Southern Miss and UTEP. Brett Favre against Pat Hegarty. You may've never heard of that second guy. Shame on you. 

Let's skip straight to the WACtion Bullets!

- Southern Miss was perhaps one of the best non-P5 schools in college football history. The Eagles were 10-2 with their only losses to two top 10 teams in Florida State and Auburn. 

- Curley Hallman coach at USM for three seasons going 23-11. He parlayed that into the LSU job where he failed to put up a winning record and got canned. So let that be a lesson kids, never pass up a perfectly decent job for your dream job because LSU fans are unforgiving horrible people. 

- One Brett Favre was the USM quarterback. You know about his career. And his addiction to prescription meds. And you may even buy his shaving accessories. 

- UTEP finished 10-3 with losses to BYU, No. 10 Wyoming, and USM. It's still the only 10 win season in school history. 

- Pat Hegarty actually had a better 1988 season that Favre, throwing for more yards and more touchdowns. He came to UTEP from Saddleback JC in California. He graduated UTEP after throwing for 4,796 yards and 31 touchdowns. 

- UTEP had a dynamic playmaker in John Harvey, who didn't make the trip to Shreveport for the bowl game after allegedly failing a drug test. Harvey was later sentenced to a 12 year prison term in 2008 for having sex with an underaged girl. So...

- UTEP was coached by Bob Still who led the Miners for three seasons and 21 wins before going to Missouri and never having a winning season again. So, once again let that be a lesson to you, don't leave El Paso for Missouri where you're going to get boat raced on a regular basis by Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and just about everyone else in the Big 8. 

- UTEP finished 2nd in the WAC behind Wyoming. 

Enjoy some Independence Bowl goodness.

Posted on July 13, 2017 and filed under UTEP, Southwest Round-Up.