Big 12 Media Days Quotes and Notes: Day One

The Big 12 hosted day one of its annual Media Days with TCU and Texas Tech putting in their time in the spotlight. Commissioner Bob Bowlsby gave his state of the conference address and everyone misses Bob Stoops. 

To the notes and quotes:

Bob Bowlsby

Bowlsby is bullish on the league's chances, I mean, what's he supposed to say; "I think we compete at a very high level, and we'll win our share of national championships."

Bowlsby also thinks that the league is as unified as its been in some time, "Our board is as unified as they've been at any time in five years. They are singing off the same sheet music. They've been through baptism by fire, and they feel good about where we are, and that makes me feel good about it."


Gary Patterson wants Kenny Hill to get some more help this season and put last year's failures on his quarterback. "We’ve got to give him help. We’ve got to catch the ball better. I think we’re going to be better up front offensive line-wise."

Patterson also noted that Sonny Cumbie's assent to full time signal caller won't change the offense significantly. 

On KaVontae Turpin's status, Patterson assured the media that the talented receiver will be ready to go for the start of the season. He also noted that one of the larger issues for Turpin was his early success. "One of the worst things that happens in this day and age is a young player is great as a freshman, because I think it’s really hard with the media and everything else for them to handle being invisible. One of the biggest problems we’ve had is when we’ve had great freshmen that have played early and got a lot of notoriety."

Texas Tech

Kliff Kingsbury addressed his status on the hot seat, an noted it comes with the territory: “[t]hat’s part of the job. Everybody but the four that make the playoff are basically on the hot seat in college football. You’re coaching for your job every year and we know that. I don’t feel any more pressure than I ever have. I always expect to win.”

This dude was fired up about Tech's lack of defense. 

Kingsbury has a lot of confidence in his new quarterback Nic Shimonek, "He's a bright kid, and like I said, I expect him to play at a very high level. I expect him to be very competitive. Our team loves him because not many players in this day and age would stick around to their senior year to get their time, and he did. That carries a lot of weight with our program."

The Roundup...