Tuesday Playcard

Is Charlie Brewer the Answer in Waco?

Baylor's quarterback race is a three player battle between sophomore Zach Smith, senior transfer And Solomon, and true freshman Charlie Brewer. Smith played up and down in 2016 after starting for the injured Seth Russell. 

Solomon has dealt with concussion issues prior to transferring in for the spring. When healthy, he led Arizona to a PAC 12 title game. 

Then there's Brewer from powerhouse Lake Travis. He threw for 54 touchdowns and ran for nine more for the 6A Division I Champions. The most impressive number for Brewer was his 78% completion percentage. Brewer is a polished passer who could fit into most systems. He might be uniquely gifted for Matt Rhule's hybrid pro-style attack. 

The next few months could determine the future of Baylor football. In today's game talented quarterbacks don't hang around to sit on the bench and wait their turn. That's why Rhule's decision, especially if he picks one of the two younger players, could have huge implications down the road. Would Smith or Brewer stick around two or three years and wait? Not likely. 

If Brewer is, as many suspect, the most talented quarterback long term then the play might be to give him the job now even if he's not technically as ready as Smith or Solomon. Otherwise the Bears might risk losing Brewer to transfer. 

Everett Withers at Sun Belt Media Day

Everett Withers and the Texas State Bobcat contingent made their way to New Orleans for Sun Belt Media Day on Monday. Here are some of Withers' quotes from his afternoon in New Orleans.

On last years team...

“I’d never come to a program that had been in the situation that we took over (last year). Having patience is something that I think is important. I don’t have any, at all. But I do understand that it takes time to grow it the way you want to grow it.”

On the youth of this year's team...

“They’re going to make mistakes, they’re going to go the wrong way, they’re going to miss a block, they’re going to miss a tackle. As a coach, don’t take patience for softness because that won’t happen. But patience to help those guys grow. It’s scary, but fun and neat. That means we’ve got a lot of young guys coming into our program that hopefully will get an opportunity to play.”

On rebuilding the program...

“We’re trying to build something that lasts, that means something to players when they come back after they graduate. That’s what we’re trying to do. I’ve watched programs do that.”

Tech Player Involved in a Bar Fight

A Texas Tech football player is listed as a suspect in a police report after allegedly assaulting several people at a Lubbock bar.

In the narrative portion of the police report, the suspect is listed as “a football player for Texas Tech.” The police report states the suspect began speaking to a man, who was unable to hear him due to the volume of the music in the business. The suspect allegedly became angry about the man being unable to hear him, and reportedly grabbed the man by the shirt, shoving him outside the business and into the road.

Once in the street, several other people, including the victim’s girlfriend, followed and the suspect and his friends began assaulting the victim, knocking him to the ground repeatedly punching him in the head. The suspect allegedly knocked the victim unconscious. 

Police were told a second man, also listed in the report as a victim, was standing outside of the bar when he attempted to light a cigarette when the same suspect allegedly slapped the the man in the face, knocking the cigarette out of his mouth.

The suspect allegedly confronted a third person, prompting a verbal argument between the two, followed by the suspect punching the third person in the face. When the first listed victim’s girlfriend ran to check on the third person, a large crowd gathered and the woman dropped to the ground and the third person tried to shield her as the suspect and two others assaulted the first victim.

At this point, the suspect and two others reportedly began assaulting the the third person and the woman, hitting them with “upper-cut” style punches.

Rice Preps for Stanford Down Under

Rice opened fall camp on Monday, the earliest opening in school history. The Owls open against Stanford in Australia on August 26th. Owl coach David Bailiff is seeking the counsel of former Cal coach Sonny Dykes whose Bears went to Australia to kick off last season. 

Among the things Bailiff has learned, the fields in Australia were measured in meters rather than yards, something Cal had to rectify. Bailiff is also preparing for leg swelling due to the long international flights. Bailiff is hoping compression pants help the swelling issue. 

Dykes also let Bailiff know that when the Bears returned from Australia, it took them several days to recover. The good news for Rice is that after their trip down under the Owls get a week off. 

The Roundup...