Gear Head: The Patriotic Helmets of the Roundup

Happy fourth of July everyone! In Texas this holiday has become an annual occurrence that reminds the inhabitants of the state that "holy crap, it's hot here!" It is hot here. What better way to celebrate than with fireworks, parades on hot pavement, and cooking over open flames! What if instead of adopting the traditions of the northern elites, we make our own fun and stay inside and binge watch John Wayne movies? Half of us might survive a holiday like that. 

Texas schools are patriotic. They luv 'Merica. To show that love, instead of lighting things on fire (yes we see that hand West Virginia) we put patriotic colors on our helmets. The Gear Head is here to review patriotism in its helmeted form. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather. 


Houston wore this design in 2014 when they headed up to Utah to take on BYU. All we can say is, c'mon now, try a little harder. Slapping a flag filled logo on a blank white helmet it is the least you can do. How about a stripe or a red facemark or Alexander Hamilton flipping the bird?

Overall Score: 1.5 Washingtons 

Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle

Brett Coomer, Houston Chronicle

Now this is much better. Thanks to @UH_P5 for alerting us to Houston's patriotic lid from 2016. Low and behold a helmet stripe! The red facemask helps also, but check that stripe! The decal and stripe are bit chromed out which we can live with. The colors are great as well, it's almost like they were meant to be.

Overall Score: 4 Washingtons


Ok, now this is more like it, not only did they take the necessary step of flag insertion, the Owl equipment staff also ran Old Glory down the center stripe. That's real nice. The blue just makes the red and white pop, like an Alexander Burr pistol shot to the heart. 

Overall Score: 4 Washingtons


SMU because they have a lot of time on their hands, has not one but two patriotic looks. They are double American, much like Joe Lieberman. 

This one is from 2015, and it's chrome. We really don't like chrome unless it's done really well or on a set of rims. 18 year olds love shiny stuff. They're also really excited about the next Transformers movie. 72% of them can't tell you who won the Civil War. Back to the helmet, if we didn't hate chrome so much we'd score it higher. 

Total Score: 3 Washingtons

This is better, the blue works. The matte finish makes the decal more emphatic. The chrome facemark is dumb but doesn't destroy the look. Kind of like the way Florida hangs off the front of these United States. It's dumb and shiny, but doesn't effect our Super Power status. 

Total Score: 4 Washingtons

Texas A&M

Not bad, but still pretty plain. The gray facemask actually helps the look not be so stale like Houston's, but just barely. We're deducting points for lack of stripage. 

Overall Score: 2 Washingtons

Texas State

Hello gorgeous. The Bobcat is sweet, the blue eye is great, the masked effect over the eye area is cool and those stripes. Holy Lee Greenwood those stripes!

Total Score: 4 Washingtons


UTSA doubled down on patriotism as well. Let's have a look...

Well, we usually like the blue on blue, but here the blue on blue don't match. It's navy and lighter navy, bordering on royal. There does appear to be a stripe, well a half-way stripe-let. We don't go halfway in America. We didn't get to Kansas and say "this is cool, we don't need to see any further west."

Overall Score: 2.5 Washingtons

Now this is actually better. The National Bird of 1604 on white with a sweet blue facemask. Pretty. The bird design in actually way better too. The field of stars mohawk is something we can get behind. The uniform combo is nice as well. The white pants and white helmet are peanut butter and chocolate. 

Total Score: 3.5 Washingtons

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