USA Today Publishes NCAA Finances

USA today published their annual list of athletic department finances. This only includes the state schools, so no information on Baylor, Rice, TCU, and SMU. Not surprisingly, two Texas teams sit at the top. Texas A&M is at the top, making over $194 million while spending $137 million. The Aggies made big cash in every category from ticket sales ($47 million) to licensing ($57 million) to donations ($75 million) Texas sits second with almost $188 million in revenue and $171 million in expenses. Texas cashed in big on licensing/rights revenues at $75 million.

From the blue bloods, Texas Tech finishes third with $82 million. So over a million less than their fellow state schools in College Station and Austin. The Raiders spent $78 million. Houston made $51 million but spent $52. Houston contributed $17 million in school funds to the athletic department. That's the most in Texas. 

Texas State made $34 million and spent $31 million. After the Bobcats, North Texas made $33 million but spent $34. UTEP almost broke dead even, clearing a couple hundred thousand after making $32 million. UTSA brings up the rear making $27 million while spending $26 million. 

By the way, of note Sam Houston State made $19 million in 2015-2016. Good enough for 129th overall. 

The Roundup...