Gear Head: Texas State Comes Out With Off White...errrr...Gold Uniforms

It's that time of year again when schools produce uniforms much to the delight of 19-year-olds every where. These are the same people who chase fake cartoon animals into abandoned hospitals where they get mugged. The 19-year-olds, not the fake cartoon animals. 

We give you Texas State's new Gold've been warned.  

Look kids, it glows in the dark!

No. No. No. No. 

Thanks Benjamin Moore. 

Thanks Benjamin Moore. 

First of all, that ain't gold. That's a Sherwin Williams off white. Sorry, my wife is informing me that it's a Benjamin Moore pastel. My bad. You can't take me anywhere.

Is it the worst uniform ever? We're thinking. Really pondering. Whew this is a tough one. We're going to say no because Oregon has come up with some dumb stuff. Maryland too. But it's up there. 

Hey, look, kids - a claw mark on the number! Wouldn't that be Bobcat on Bobcat crime?

Also, check out the package on that mannequin. That sort of raw sex appeal won't get you anywhere. Not with a pastel on the package. 

Please Texas State, Don't, just don't. It looks horrible on a mannequin, imagine 105 football player men running around doing side straddle hops in those? Alert the Hague Convention. 

Now the shoes...keep those kicks. Those are beautiful. 

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Posted on August 14, 2017 and filed under Texas State, Southwest Round-Up.