Friday Playcard

Scheduling News

Even as this season is set to kick off in a few weeks, ADs are scrambling to fill future schedules including a few Texas schools. Here's a quick summary. 

North Texas and South Alabama have agreed to a home and home in 2024 and 2025. North Texas travels to Mobile in 2024 before welcoming the Jags to Apogee. 

UTEP will go to UNLV in 2018, and the Rebels will make a return trip to El Paso in 2023. Las Vegas has been a recruiting area for the Miners for a while now, playing in Sin City can only help those efforts. 

New Mexico State and Texas State will continue their matchup even after NMSU leaves the Sun Belt. The two institutions agreed to a home and home with the Aggies coming to San Marvelous in 2018 and Texas State heading west in 2020. 

Finally, Rice scheduled Prairie View for the home opener n 2018. The Panthers will travel to Rice on August 25, 2018.

Attendance Trends

As we approach the 2017 season, we thought we'd take a look at five-year attendance trends. We need a hobby. 

Butts in seats are critical, especially for G5 programs who are trying desperately to generate revenue outside of rights deals. Here are the percentages of capacity for each of the Roundup squads. A few of the teams on the list are either playing in a new stadium since 2012 or have renovated their facility to add or subtract seats. A summary of such moves:

  • Baylor built McLane Stadium and opened it in 2014. 
  • Houston moved into TDECU in 2014 as well. They played parts of 2013 at Reliant or NRG or whatever it's called. 
  • Texas A&M went through a couple of moves as they refurbished Kyle Field. The Stadium's listed capacity changed three times since 2012. 

So here you go, where does your team stack up regarding the percentage of the stadium they fill each home Saturday. 

Former TCU Defensive End Found Guilty of Assault

Former TCU defensive end Tipa Galeai was found guilty of assault Thursday stemming from an incident that occurred in January. 

Galeai assaulted two students at an on-campus dorm. Galeai was intoxicated, and apparently, the two victims made a comment about his condition that Galeai overheard. As the students walked toward their dorm, they noticed Galeai running toward them. When they got to the foyer, they tried to lock the dorm’s front doors, but Galeai got inside before they could. He punched one of the students 21 times and struck the other three times. Galeai was arrested days later and charged with misdemeanor assault causing bodily injury.

Galeai transferred to Utah State earlier this summer. No word on how his current legal situation will affect his standing in Logan. 

On Core Values

We noticed this week that Texas State Football's "core values" are the same as Texas'. Those same "core values" belong to Houston, and are on the walls at Rutgers, it's in the literature at the University of Utah. You can find those same "core values" at South Florida, and also adorn the walls at Ohio State. What all those schools have in common other than the paint job in the meeting room is that each of those coaches spent time under Urban Meyer. 

The core values are simple; be honest, treat women with respect, no drugs, no stealing and no guns. When Charlie Strong painted those words on the walls of Texas' football meeting room, everyone loved it. Even the NFL had Strong fly up to meet with commissioner Roger Goodell and players association members. 

Strong borrowed his core values from his old boss Meyer when the two were at the University of Florida. Strong then took them to Louisville and later to Texas. Tom Herman brought them to Houston from Ohio State and luckily didn't have to repaint the wall when he got to Austin. Chris Ashe brought them to Rutgers. Utah head coach Kyle Willingham coached with Meyer way back when Meyer was at Utah. 

While Strong was meeting with the commish, one of Urban Meyer's former Florida players was standing trial on his second murder charge. Never mind that even with those core values, Florida had the MOST players linked to criminal activity among college programs from 2009 to 2014. Which is impressive when you remember, Bobby Petrino was running around the college landscape at that time. 

For as much as we've grown tired of P.J. Fleck's "Row the boat" mantra at Western Michigan and now at the University of Minnesota, it is personalized. It's not a copy cat, not copy and paste. The bigger issue is that these core values are useless unless the grown ups up front are demanding adherence. Otherwise, they're just convenient sound bites, bumper sticker theology.   

31 Gators had handcuffs chomped down on them during the five years Meyer was there. With the allegations of domestic abuse against Meyer's players at Ohio State, most notably Ezekial Elliott, perhaps we should come up with some new ones or maybe be about more than just words on the wall. Or maybe we should strive to build a different culture. Meyer's sycophants follow his cues to the literal letter. They do so because Meyer wins. Rather than create a culture, it's easier to co-opt one, even if that culture appears rotten inside. 

The Roundup...