Gear Head: Adidas goes 0-2 This Week with A&M Alternates

Adidas had a pretty good run of not screwing things up too bad. This week, they were back up to their old tricks. Adidas unveiled the new A&M alternates to be worn during the now seemingly annual eye sore that is A&M vs. Mississippi State. 

How creative was Adidas? They added black to A&M's color scheme including the pointless barb wire-like accents that the three stripe company seems married to for some reason. You've seen it before:

So here you go: Adidas unveils A&M's new alternates. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. 

Chrome on the helmet, boring on everything else. Well, with a fair amount of ugly squeezed in to offset the boring. 

Adidas won't tell you this, but they are technologically unable to do a stripe. They've tried, but their tech won't let them. From the dawn of time, man has painted stripes on his body. Adidas has eliminated them in just a few short years and for what? Horrible, replicated, barbed wire watermarks. Let's hope they never lose the ability to create pants. 

No creativity, nothing unique: Adidas is checking their standard boxes. 

Also, why do the models in these pictures always seem to be screaming? I guess Adidas couldn't very well depict their models losing four games in November. 

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Posted on August 17, 2017 and filed under Texas A&M, Southwest Round-Up.