Gear Head: North Texas Has Wings!

Nike and North Texas unveiled the Mean Green's new home, road, alternate, another alternate, Memorial Day Special, Arbor Day, Harbor Day, and Homecoming Special Edition Uniforms. Here's what we got...

The Green...

Not bad, first of all, the kelly green is a great color. We like the use of black as an accent, not a primary color for North Texas. The Mean Green have three beautiful helmets that should work with any of these looks, the green with white facemask, the white on white, and the chrome. While we're talking about helmets, embrace the glossy, shiny finish. The look of the helmet is a great example of a metallic, shiny finish. 

The Wing on the shoulder work. They remind us a bit of Florida State's use of feathers. Luckily they don't remind us of the way Louisville or Miami use feathers. 

Killing the U. 

Killing the U. 

The helmet was painted by a team of 4th graders.

The helmet was painted by a team of 4th graders.

Back to the Mean Green, North Texas' uniform set unifies the look from a couple of different styles into a uniform, uniform style. We like the look. Especially the whites/roadies.

The White...

The straight white uniforms are the cleanest road look in the state this side of Austin. With the white helmet and the black border, these are BEAUTIFUL. The silver accent on the sleeves helps it not look as busy as green feathers would have. 

These harken back to the Hayden Fry days at North Texas when he went to the kelly green look. 

Two thumbs up. 

White 2.0.jpeg

The black...

Ok. No one bats a thousand. The black option is fine but unnecessary. It doesn't work if for no other reason than it stifles a great school color and replaces it with a non-school color. But, everyone has to have a black uniform option, so North Texas is succumbing to peer pressure. That's how kids get hooked on smack North Texas. 

The green on black look just doesn't work for us, especially the green numbers. It dulls the numbers, and they just don't pop as they do on the primary uniforms. 

The feather pant striping is a bridge too far. 


Overall, an excellent, unifying set of kits for North Texas. Some of the combinations look better than others, but if it were up to us (and it's not), we'd only wear the white helmets with the road uniforms. We think that's called a storm trooper look. That look is as clean as the day is long. 

Good job North Texas. Thank God you aren't an Adidas school. 

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Posted on August 22, 2017 and filed under North Texas, Southwest Round-Up.