Twitter War: UTSA vs. Texas State aka Your Women are More Promiscuous

UTSA and Texas State are coming into their own as rivals and uneasy neighbors. The proximity breeds discontent, but the twittersphere lets everyone in on the fun. It's only Wednesday and the twitter muscles are flexing. Consider us neutral observers, like the UN but you know with some form of power and actual live bullets at our disposal. We'll add to this as the week goes on. And of course if you have a tweet that needs to be added come @ us bro. 

Let's check in on the festivities. 

Oh yes, your women are way easier than our women. Tale as old as time. There's no way to prove your hypothesis, but rest assured there are a dozens of 19 year old aspiring anatomy majors ready to start the study.

This guy is setting realistic expectations and we respect that. 

Fortify yourself with carbs and you'll be golden. 

When I'm trying to make a point, a bar chart is the pro move. 

This guy's winning. #presidentialburn

Careful now, Hillary's people are known to put in work. 

Then there's this guy. So many of this guy. 

So, so much. 

Now we're freaking out. Man. 

It's a non-sequitur, but the trophy for this game leaves a lot to be desired. Looks like the 14-3A District Champs trophy that sits next to the principal's office. 

We spent five minutes on GIMP and created what we believe to be the definitive UTSA/Texas State trophy. Simple, culturally appropriate, and pragmatic. 

We give you "The Keg." Imagine the winning team tapping this sucker at midfield and hoisting their coach up for a keg stand then running round the stadium shooting fans with celebratory suds. It's magical. 

Just when you thought Crying Jordan was overused and played out, someone goes and totally redeems it!

(I enjoy gas station tacos. I'm going to go rethink some things.)

Oh dear. 

Literal I-35 Rivalry

Ok, maybe we're crossing a line here. Maybe. 

Texas State: The Environmental Choice. 

First they came for the bubble man. 

What are the chances that sheet's ever been washed?

She seems lovely. 

These guys get it. 


Somebody brought the Pied Piper guys in. 

Bring Me All Your Hot admission takes. 

Dudes just ruined Christmas for my kids. 

Every time I see a spray painted sheet I click in fear. 

Act like your mom didn't buy your bed sheets. 


Sick tailgate burn. 

I'm thinking we're skipping ahead a few steps but you can't top the enthusiasm. 

Can't blame 'em for trying. 

Interweb: "These sheet signs can't get worse"

These ladies: "Hold my beer"

The Roundup...

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