Urban Meyer Fires Out at Tom Herman, other first year coaches

Say this for Urban Meyer; he's not afraid to go in on his former assistants. This week Meyer told CBSsports.com "It's like a new generation of excuse, [Texas coach Tom Herman] said, 'I can't rub pixie dust on this thing.' He got a dose of reality. Maryland just scored 51 points on you." Urban's out here firing shots. 

In Herman's post-game press conference he said "[i]f we all thought that we were going to come in here and, in nine months, sprinkle some fairy dust on this team and think that we've arrived, then we're wrong." No, no one thought that, but we didn't expect Maryland to drop a fifty burger on the Longhorns. Herman coached for Meyer at Ohio State. 

Meyer doesn't buy the blame shifting, "[e]verybody wanted me to say Jim Tressel left the cupboard bare," Meyer told CBSsports.com. "If I heard any assistant coach [say that], they'd be gone. You're done. Those are your players. I hear TV guys [say], 'Wait until they get their own players in there.' They're our players. What do you mean 'their players?' The minute you sign a contract, they're your players. You didn't choose me, I chose you. You're mine, absolutely."

Meyer told reporters in Columbus that he always advises his assistants who move on to new jobs to be complimentary about their new situations. That message didn't sink in with former Meyer assistant Everett Withers who said last spring that he wasn't comfortable with his family being around his players in year one. “I didn’t like those guys last year. I didn’t bring my kids over here because I didn’t want them to be infested with what was going on” Withers said after the Spring Game. 

Posted on September 7, 2017 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Texas.