TCU Assistant turns down SMU Defensive Coordinator Position

Sonny Dykes offered his vacant defensive coordinator position to TCU assistant Chad Glasgow last week, but Glasgow, after pondering the offer for a week turned it down. Glasgow is the defensive coordinator for Gary Patterson, and the job may have given him a bit more autonomy, but he's staying put in Fort Worth for now. 

The SMU defensive coordinator position might be the most important hire for Dykes moving forward. Dykes' Cal Bear teams famously struggled to stop anyone. The Mustangs were similarly defensively inept. SMU brought in Rhett Lashlee to help Dykes run the offense, and with the skill talent returning, the Mustangs are probably going to be potent with the ball. 

A few weeks ago former Oregon State coach Gary Anderson was linked to the defensive coordinator opening, but he took a job at Utah. 

With recruiting back in full swing, it's critical that Dykes have a defensive coordinator to trot out to recruits. 

To close the loop, Glasgow might be holding out for the newly open Oklahoma State defensive coordinator position. He played in Stillwater back in the 90's.

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Posted on January 12, 2018 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, TCU.