The (Legitimate) Argument that Case Keenum is the Great College College QB of All Time

Accuse me of being a Johnny-come-lately if you must given Case Keenum's recent NFL success, but we think there's a legitimate argument that Keenum's the greatest college quarterback of all time. We've held the belief for a while now, even before he came in for an injured Sam Bradford to lead the Vikings to the NFC title game. Can you say Sam Bradford without the word injured inserted somewhere? That's a question for another day. 

Case Keenum

Case Keenum

Fifteen times a human has thrown for 5,000 yards or more in a college season. Eleven quarterbacks make up that list. Case Keenum is responsible for three of those 5,000-yard seasons. Three of the top fourteen passing seasons in FBS history belong to one guy: the undersized, no arm-strength, athletically challenged Case Keenum. 

Do you like scoring? Keenum is responsible for three of the top 20 passing TD seasons of all-time. Keenum's 155 passing touchdowns are the most in FBS history ahead of EVERY QUARTERBACK YOU'RE THINKING OF. The next closest touchdown thrower needs a baker's dozen more scores to catch Case. 

Luke Faulk had an excellent career; he's still short almost 150 completions to catch Keenum's FBS best 1,546. Do you like efficiency? You'll love Case Keenum. Keenum completed 69.4% of his passes. In 2011, Keenum completed 70% of his passes with 48 touchdowns and just five interceptions.

Keenum is the FBS career record holder for completions, passing yards, touchdowns, 300+ yard games, total yards, and most touchdowns responsible for. He's the FBS record holder for 5,000-yard seasons, 4,000-yard seasons and holds the record for most 300 yard games in a season with 14. 

This brings us to wins, the ultimate mark of a quarterback. In Keenum's time at Houston, the Cougars won 76% of their games. Houston won ten or more games twice and the CUSA Western Division title twice and appeared in four bowl games. Further proof is evident in 2010 when Keenum missed most of the season with a knee injury when Houston dropped to 5-7 without him. Houston won 51 of Keenum's 67 starts. 

You can make a pretty air-tight argument that Keenum is the greatest college quarterback of all-time. Not bad for a short guy with no arm strength who wasn't fast enough.

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