The 1976 Snow Bowl

With much of Texas in the grips of Snowmageddon and a lot of folks sitting home binging Peaky Blinders (it trends downwards by the way) let's have a little look back at the 1976 Snow Bowl between SMU and Texas Tech. 

The joke "Ski Lubbock" almost came to fruition as seven inches of snow fell on Jones Stadium for the November matchup between the Ponies and Red Raiders. Some fans sledded down the old berm in the north end zone. Tractors cleared the field, but kick off was delayed about an hour and a half. Tech had the forethought to cover part of the field on Friday before the game, but the snows came early and prevented covering the entire field. The next morning local construction firms brought in heavy equipment to clear the turf, which was close to concrete anyway. 

The game itself was rather uneventful as the fifth-ranked Red Raiders dominated the Ponies. Snow kicked up again in the second half, and SMU was nearly camouflaged in their all-white uniforms. 

Snuggle up with someone you love, or just someone that'll do, and enjoy a little Snow Bowl. 

The Roundup...

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