Applewhite Hires Kendal Briles and Randy Clements

Major Applewhite needs those nine wins, and he's hiring Kendal Briles to get there. The current FAU offensive coordinator and former Baylor assistant is coming to Houston to run the Cougar offense. So is Randy Clements, former Baylor offensive line coach, who'll assume the same position in Houston. 

Not that anyone needs reminding, but Briles and Clements were part of a staff that oversaw a program where 31 players were alleged to have committed some 52 acts of sexual violence against women. Assistant coaches and head coach Art Briles, Kendall's old man, usurped the Universities Title XI protocols by contacting victims and using Ian McCaw and other athletic administrators to work around the judicial system.

As those facts came to light, Baylor fired Briles the senior along with McCaw and tone-deaf University president Ken Starr. Briles the younger engaged in questionable recruiting practices, including improper contact with recruits and his telling a Dallas area recruit that white girls at Baylor loved football players and that Baylor had a lot of white girls.

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We're sure a year with Lane Kiffin has given Briles a crash course in how not to violate NCAA rules or infringe on sexual assault investigations.  

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